How much contact do you want from your agent?

In today’s market conditions, which are still generally favouring the buyer, it is vitally important that sellers and agents establish a successful working relationship from the outset.

One of the most important factors for sellers to consider is the level of communication or feedback they would like from their agent.

The ideal time to discuss what level of communication will work best for the seller during the sales process is prior to appointing an agent to sell your home.

Having the level, and medium, of communication established at the beginning of the process ensures both the seller and agent know where they stand and the seller is kept informed.

Agents are also bound by legislation when it comes to keeping their client informed of any significant development or issue in relation to the property. Unless they have received instructions in writing from their client directing them otherwise, agents must immediately communicate to their client each expression of interest, whether written or verbal, about the sale of the property.

The REIQ recommends that best practice for agents following an open for inspection is to advise the seller in writing of the results of the inspection, however sellers may advise that contact via phone, email or text message is the best communication method for them.

Of course, effective communication is also of the utmost importance during the negotiation process. Apart from breaching their obligations as an agent, agents may be engaging in misleading or deceptive conduct if they fail to convey any offer to the seller – unless they have been advised by their client in writing otherwise, such as, if the seller does not wish to consider offers under a certain price.

Having an effective communication strategy developed early and tailored to a seller’s individual needs will not only assist with the overall success of the sales process but may also help to minimise the stress involved in selling a beloved family home.