The spring selling season is here

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It is the first week of spring and many agents likely had an extra spring in their step during their Saturday open homes at the weekend.

Across Queensland, the busiest time for sales is actually the first three months of each year but each region also has its own specific cycle.

Compared to winter, however, the number of property sales does increase in spring and there are a number of reasons why the property market heats up at the same time as the weather.

Firstly, more and more people head outdoors during spring and therefore have a greater opportunity to see For Sale signs. This helps to get their thought processes going about whether a new or different home might be on the cards for them.

Secondly, warmer weather makes people think more about the location of their property – they may want to be closer to the water for the summer months, they may want to have a home that is cooler or one that has a pool.  Waterfront areas also tend to be even more in demand during spring as people chase a change in lifestyle before summer starts.

And once people have made up their minds to buy or sell a property, they generally want to be settled again by Christmas. So spring is the ideal time to start the ball rolling.

There is also an increase in residential property sales activity in spring, because people moving away from their current suburb have to organise schools for their children for the following year and need to know what area they will be living in.

People like to be settled by Christmas so their children can start school in the New Year and they can all enjoy summer in their new home.