Why REIQ members are different

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In the fast-pace of today’s society, it is vitally important that membership organisations remain relevant – and the REIQ is no different.

To this end, earlier this year the REIQ Board of Directors made a commitment to reinvigorate the Institute, which is an organisation that next year will celebrate its 95th year.

Part of this renewal process is a new membership structure, which will enable consumers to choose to work with both an REIQ accredited agency and an individual REIQ member during the real estate transaction process.

REIQ research has found that the top influences for sellers when they are considering which agency to approach to help sell their property are the agent or agency having a good reputation; the agency having a high profile in the area; and the agency being a member of the REIQ.

About 80 per cent of real estate agencies across Queensland are REIQ accredited with hundreds more agents due to become individual REIQ members over coming months. And being a member of the REIQ is much more than just a logo to hang on your door.

All REIQ members must commit to adhere to the Institute’s Standards of Business Practice and to undertake compulsory professional development each year to keep abreast of issues affecting the real estate profession.  Each REIQ accredited agency must also carry professional indemnity insurance.

Our Standards of Business Practice were developed with the objective of increasing the accountability of members in conducting the business of a real estate agent or auctioneer in Queensland.

Therefore, members of the REIQ are required to conduct their business in a manner that will uphold and enhance the reputation of the real estate profession. If they don’t, the REIQ has a tribunal which can decide whether an agent or agency should remain a member of the Institute.

It is this commitment to best practice and ongoing education that is one of the many attributes that distinguishes an REIQ accredited agency or individual REIQ member from other real estate practitioners.

REIQ members also have access to up-to-the minute best practice advice, the latest property research data, and are continually upgrading their knowledge and skills, especially regarding the many complex pieces of legislation which regulate the real estate profession in Queensland.