For Sale: Man cave (house included)

As a female, I am forever intrigued by the increasingly popular concept of the man cave. It would seem there are men purchasing property specifically for its man cave feasibility. Adequate space for an overpriced vintage jukebox – check; sufficient hanging space for a deluge of sporting memorabilia cleverly purchased sans spouse-approval – check; appropriate radius surrounding championship-size pool table to accommodate championship-style pool playing – check; self-cleaning capability – I’m told they’re working on that. And I’m told the single most important attribute of a man cave is of course the games console.

I shouldn’t be surprised. Habitats of this sort date back to the days of hunting for food with one’s bare hands, although I note this particular activity has been selectively left behind in the current caveman days. Its evolution has been quite incredible. It was an article recently published in the Courier Mail that really sparked my interest. It seems the men of Sydney are splashing extraordinary amounts of cash around when it comes to perfecting their private abode. We’re talking mini-cinemas, 12-car garages and jaw-dropping technology to boot. However we can’t forget where it likely originated from – our friends in America. The National Association of Realtors recently shared the ultimate example. The home of the one and only Burt Reynolds, of course. Arguably a pioneer of the man cave concept and every interior decorator’s worst nightmare, Reynolds has gone to extreme lengths to style his abode in the most male-appropriate fashions.

It had me wondering, how many of these gems do we have in Queensland? So I did some research. I found at least three properties on that were promoting the inclusion of a man cave in the property description. There are a few with features that strongly indicate the presence of man-cave-esque stylings – while they have refrained from using the label itself. Just one example: a stunning waterfront property located at Hope Island on the Gold Coast includes an open air cinema, indoor and outdoor bar and retractable flat screens.

Does it increase the value of the property?  Where does it end? Do we start taking proximity to the nearest watering hole into consideration? Is it an appropriate stumbling distance?

I’m starting to sense a trend here.  As for me, a suite of stainless steel Miele appliances beats a 12-car garage any day.

Is it possible that man caves are becoming a prerequisite for potential buyers?

I apologise to all the ladies out there whose partners have read this blog and consequently decided to install thumb-scanning technology for shed or exclusive bar access.

By Amanda Haack, deputy editor, REIQ Journal

  1. Some one U know

    It’s called biometric security access. Pretty cool hi-tech stuff.