Painting the digital landscape

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The action and movement of the sea is a force that is difficult to understand, predict and represent. However, artists like Turner have shown that its strength can be frozen in time. The changing digital landscape of the Internet, like a seascape, can also be captured. So how can we take the brush and use it to represent and understand the digital landscape?

With Google updating their algorithms, new social media networks appearing and Facebook’s latest innovations such as graph search, the ebbs and flows of the internet can be overwhelming.  Should you change your social media strategy each and every time? Should you change how you use keywords on your site and Facebook posts? The answer is most likely ‘no’.

Having a marketing strategy that includes social media is valuable. We can think about everything working together and how the different parts demand different actions. Each different media has different strengths, moves at different speeds, and speaks to different audiences:

  • Twitter – great for conversations and quick updates;
  • Facebook – perfect for community building and direct communication;
  • LinkedIn – the best place for professional communication.

Using these tools effectively is much easier when you recognise which audience is listening to each, and when to use them. Use Twitter often and tweet with your followers. This may sound obvious but often professional users of Twitter spend too much time trying to start conversations rather than joining them.

If you want to be a valuable community member in the physical world you’d support local businesses: tell people about your lunch at the best local cafe or cheer on the local football team. On Facebook it’s still the same. Graph search has influenced a lot of chatter in the blogosphere, keep building and speaking with your community and you’ll be sailing along in fair weather.

Networking with other professionals is as important as building a customer community. LinkedIn is a valuable place to find professional news and talk to experts and other professionals in your industry.

This is all great stuff but how can we fit all of this on the canvas. Twitter can move very fast and we often don’t have time to update our Facebook status or read a blog on LinkedIn. You need a social media management dashboard. Applications such as Hootsuite are used to manage these forces of nature. Hootsuite is free to sign up, just sign in to your accounts and you’re away. All of your conversations in the one place. Best of all you can report on the success (or failure) of it all with the insights and analytics it offers. You can even download the app for your iPhone and keep it all in your pocket.

See the full picture and remember why you’re in it.