Playing the part

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In a market where we are seeing a rising number of property listings it is more important than ever to ensure that when your home hits the open home circuit, it’s playing the part.

Unfortunately the old ‘throw some cookies in the oven’ trick just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. In fact, the mouth-watering aroma of freshly baked treats is SO yesterday. The new must-do property preparation, which surfaced in the United States in the 80s, has well and truly hit Australian shores – property staging.

Essentially, property staging allows sellers to create the ideal home experience for buyers. Experts say that although a buyer may only include certain items on their dream home checklist, they are also subconsciously affected by the not-so-obvious surroundings – which may in turn affect their purchasing decisions. Property staging professionals are trained to incorporate those surroundings into your home in order to achieve those subliminal effects.

A professional stager will assess the property’s current décor, consider the targeted buyer audience and showcase the space accordingly. It’s not just a matter of smart furniture and replica artwork either. It allows the home’s most unique architectural features to really shine and maximises the available space to capitalise on a buyer’s interest.

According to Queensland property staging company, Styled By Me, a potential buyer is 63 per cent more likely to buy a property that is presented as a ‘ready to live in’ look. And REIQ accredited agents have reported that a staged home can decrease time on market and increase potential profit.

This service can also allow a property a renewed lifespan on the market. If a home has been for sale for a significant period, an internal transformation can attract a wider group of buyers and refresh the listing’s presence. Additionally, when a home is completely vacant it’s difficult to ascertain the purpose of particular spaces. When staged, the buyer has a clearer understanding and perspective of each space. And naturally your investment in staging will reflect in the images used in your property’s marketing campaign.

It is even rumoured that prestige residential rentals and commercial and retail leases are getting on the property staging train to ensure they snag the right type of tenant for their property.

So if you’re the type that likes to keep up with the real estate Jones’s, it’s time to throw out the cookies and make sure your property is playing the part.

By Amanda Haack, REIQ Events and Communications Manager