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Have you seen our new REIQ television commercial yet?

The cutting-edge ad is now being broadcast across all free-to-air channels, including regional channels and during primetime programs such as last night’s Mr Selfridge.

The REIQ has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce these commercials, which are just the first step in our campaign to promote REIQ accredited agencies as well as to drive traffic to which will ultimately mean more enquiries and sales for our members.

You can view the ad on our youtube channel or download it from the links above.

5 Responses

  1. Catherine McMullen

    The advert is great bring on more

  2. Chris Eichberger

    Thanks Catherine, we’re keen for more too.

  3. Go REIQ – Members spread the word. OUR listings portal just got a whole lot better AND it’s bing promoted so now is the time to give it your whole hearted support.

  4. Thank you for your message Catherine, we appreciate your support.

  5. Hi Jonathan, we are glad you like the new commercial!