LinkedIn & REIQ

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The value of social media for business is clear. Maintaining conversations with clients and leads is well covered and encouraged. While continuing with those practices is vital, the focus now is to build professional networks. The advantage here is a little broader. Notably, building connections can be useful in finding candidates for jobs and your own professional development.

Each social network has its own way of doing things, its own sub-set audience, it crafts the voice you should use. While Facebook is a great place to shape your brand and Twitter is a strong broadcast and conversation tool – you can’t whisper to a peer. These networks are for everyone. LinkedIn, however, is a platform for you and your professional contacts.

If you’ve not already acquainted yourself with LinkedIn, now’s a good time. For the uninitiated there is a fair bit to learn. It’s different from the other social networks you may be more familiar with. The best thing is the tailored news feed. This is based on your interests and connections. The key thing to remember is, only connect with people you know, select your targeted interests and join appropriate professional groups. The feed of information from your connections and LinkedIn is a great way to keep up to date with industry news.

The REIQ have recently created a LinkedIn group exclusively for members. Within this group you can ask questions directed at your peers, share updates about your business, post jobs and comment on posts. This group is locked and won’t show up on google. This means conversations are for members only. That said, you should always be careful what you say online.

Search on LinkedIn for ‘The REIQ’ in the Groups section and join the conversation.