Move to publish auction reserves | Latest property news with Kevin Turner | 14th April

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The number of $1 million plus sales in the Sunshine State is rising based on statistics from analyst, Place Advisory.

The company says the number of sales above the magic $1 million mark rose 20 per cent between 2012 and 2013 in Brisbane, and 15 per cent on the Gold Coast. Place say buyers are more confident now about spending large sums on property in Queensland.

In other news – advertising reserve prices for auctions has been one of the big issues for property pundits, and Patrick Bright, a Sydney based buyers’ agent is looking to keep it up front.  Bright has launched an online petition challenging the NSW Government to making it mandatory to advertise auction reserve prices.

Bright says the move would stamp out underquoting and dummy bidding for good. He says despite it being a breach of the Act, many selling agents and vendors still underquote the value of properties up for auction and this needs to change.

Last week we looked at who holds the power in a partnership when it comes to deciding on important property matters. This week, its about who holds the purse strings when it comes to home finances.

A Mortgage Choice Money Survey of more than 1000 respondents showed the majority of males believe their gender controls the family finances. 76 per cent of men believe they dictate how the household’s money is spent. Not to be outdone, 75.7 per cent of the females surveyed believe it’s women who control the finances. Mortgage Choice says it’s impossible to determine conclusively which gender actually controls the money, but it’s clear men and women handle their finances in very different ways.

The company’s numbers indicate men are more successful savers than women, but females are better at keeping track of their finances.