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Dive in and start building your PM skills today!

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Struggling to find time to work on your career? Stop missing out and come along to a day of interesting PM-targeted sessions, including top tips from First National‘s Kiah Coupland, who will share her insights on business development and growing the rent roll.

Building your PM skills isn’t hard. There are lots of resources around that you can tap into in order to build your skills, your knowledge and your market presence. But it’s finding the time to read and listen to all the resources that’s the problem!

You could also be wondering: ‘What will I get from this conference? Can I use this in my current job?”.

We all want to walk away having taken lots of notes, gaining inspiration and feeling ready to implement things into our daily role to enable us to become a better agent and a market place leader.

Rest assured, this conference is highly practical and no matter what level your career is at, you will learn new things that you can put into practice first thing Monday morning!

What I’ll be talking about in my session “Leadership, business growth, improved performance and workplace attitude”:

  • How the simplest things can be implemented to grow your rent roll
  • How your attitude can play a vital role in winning business – or losing it
  • Ideas on how to track your performance to keep yourself accountable and reach your goals

If you are serious and passionate about your property management career, if you want to learn and you want to be inspired, then I LOVE PM is a must-attend event on your 2017 training calendar.

If you haven’t already bought your tickets what are you waiting for? Dive in and start learning today – get your I LOVE PM tickets here.

See you there!