Minimise tenant disputes and master efficient tenancy finalisations

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One of your most difficult tenants has just handed in their notice of intention to vacate and you are rocking under your desk full of dread about how this is going to go.  What can you do to minimise the potential for a dispute with your tenant?

Firstly, let’s take some calming deep breaths, get ourselves out from under the desk, think of how we can turn this around from being a potential nightmare and instead, have a goal to help the tenant achieve a full bond refund.

The tenant is probably very excited about moving to a new place, but has pre-conceived ideas that we, as their Property Manager, are going to grow horns, and are going to want to keep their entire bond and their first two weeks rent. (Remember that special basket we have, filled with everyone’s first two weeks rent?  It’s next to that list of our super awesome tenants who left the place cleaner than when they moved in).

We need to see this as an opportunity to prove that we don’t actually have horns, and in fact, show that we understand that moving is one of the three top stressful things to experience in life.  In addition we are going to show them how helpful we can be, and provide them with hints and tips on how we can help them reduce their stress levels (and ours) during this time.

At the REIQ I Love Property Management Conference I am going to share with you what I do in relation to efficient Tenancy Finalisation & Dispute Minimization.  Below is a snippet of what I will be discussing:

  • The vacate process actually starts before the tenant moves in.
  • The benefits of having face to face pre-vacate meetings.
  • How pro-active communication can turn most situations around to have a positive ending.
  • Cyndi’s top tips for the vacate inspection such as:
    • How to gather and present quality evidence to the tenants in relation to the exit report verses the entry report.
    • Why we should always carry a cleaning kit.
  • Communication methods and approaches such as the KISS KICK KISS method and the good cop, back cop approach.
  • Tips on how reduce your stress levels during the vacate process.
  • The importance of having a set procedure and system that you follow each and every time.

Book in now!  I look forward to seeing you on the 17th of March for the I Love Property Management Conference.