QBCC audits tradies’ work, launches register to help with Debbie clean-up

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Property managers in the Cyclone Debbie disaster zone can find a licenced tradie quickly with the help of the QBCC Building and Tradie Assistance Register. The database provides contact details for thousands of licenced tradies throughout Queensland, along with a list of the services they provide.

“The Government would like to encourage the use of local tradies wherever possible and this register will help those who are looking for someone to help with repairs find a licenced tradie fast,” a QBCC spokesperson said.

To access the register, visit the QBCC website: https://my.QBCC.Qld.Gov.Au.

QBCC audits tradies

Principals and property managers are also advised that in the wake of Cyclone Debbie, the QBCC will begin conducting audits of tradie works to ensure correct paperwork has been filed on all Notifiable Works.

Notifiable Work is plumbing and drainage work which be performed by a licensed plumber or drainer without requiring local government permits or inspections. Notifiable Work requires notification to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). For real estate agents, notifiable work covers a lot of renovation and general maintenance work.

Once a contractor completes notifiable work, they must notify the QBCC by lodging a Form 4 within 10 business days of completing the work and must give the property manager a copy of the Form 4.

To protect public health and safety and ensure ongoing compliance within the plumbing and drainage industry, the QBCC performs random Notifiable Work audits.

In some instances, official QBCC officers will attend real estate agencies and request copies of all invoices issued for plumbing and drainage work performed on their rental properties over a certain period of time. The real estate agents then provide this information to the QBCC, who review the invoices and confirm that the work was completed by a licensed person, and that any paper work (such as a notifiable work Form 4) has been correctly lodged.

The real estate agents are not liable for any subsequent action, they may be advised if a company does not hold the appropriate licence, however, the QBCC mostly deals with the person who performed the work and works with them to reach compliance.

Real estates should be aware that if they organise the work to be completed, that they receive a copy of the Form 4 at the completion or invoicing of the work.