Sales Success Series Factory 51

Sharpen your communication skills

Effective communication could be the difference between getting or missing out on a listing or closing a sale. The key to developing successful relationships is through open, interactive and consultative communication.

In today’s market, clients respond positively to a consultative approach. As an agent, it’s our responsibility to maintain transparent, open lines of communication to lead our clients to achieve their desired outcome. The first point of communication should be a call to buyers and sellers, followed by a summary email or text message (whichever is the preferred method as discussed in the call) to confirm crucial details discussed in the call.

Consistent and honest communication helps sellers and buyers build trust in your knowledge and skills. Justin explains “I find it is critical to form an emotional connection with both buyers and sellers to help strengthen your authenticity. I prioritise phone calls over emails and text, again to help build rapport and trust with clients.” It is a lot harder to communicate in a consultative manner via email and text as it restricts your ability to show emotion or empathy.

Justin Hagen will be speaking at the upcoming REIQ Sales Success Series.

Date: June 28
Time: 6.00pm
Venue: Factory 51, 51 Holsworth Street, Coorparoo.
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