Jacqueline Nagle

Building the muscle of resilience

A firm believer that resilience is one of the critical skills for success, Jacqueline Nagle shares with us her insights into the Art of Resilience.

Having cut my teeth in recruitment, it wasn’t until 2005 when my family purchased a real estate business that I realised how similar the challenges in both professions were.

What I saw in real estate was property management building the solid foundations, and sales driving the high-performance culture.  Typically those that excel in sales are adrenaline driven, results orientated, and thrive on the highs, while feeling every bit of the (sometimes devastating!) lows.

The difference between those that push through and those that burn out is quite simply – resilience.

Yet resilience remains elusive to many of us in high performance professions – where our ability to act on facts and to come up with solutions quickly are not just hallmarks of our success, but also the very things we need to be resilient.

So how do we build the muscle of resilience?

  1. Learn to work on evidence, not emotion

Get real; stop, take a step back and really look at what is going on.  Look at the evidence, without emotion. Understand exactly where you are and the options that will allow you to pivot and move in the right direction.

  1. Don’t celebrate a bad day

In a “work hard, play hard” environment it is easy to grab a drink at the end of a really tough day.  But neurologically we don’t know the difference between having a drink to celebrate, or to commiserate, and inadvertently we are wiring our brain to accept that tough days should be celebrated, with the risk of eventually not being able to recognise the difference between a tough day and a great day.

  1. Shut out the white noise

Our worst enemy when we’re in the thick of ‘tough’ times can be our inner voice.   Often when working with clients one of the most critical exercises we undertake is also the simplest; called Clarity through Contrast, it gives back control of that inner voice and reduces the white noise that erupts in our minds when we’re faced with tough days.

  1. Develop your rituals

Understand what works for you.  Over the years I have developed rituals for both the small hits, and the big ones.  Your ritual can be simple – I have a client who no matter where he is creates the space for a 10k run at some point that day, even it means a midnight run; another with a 12-point checklist she works through.  A close friend who shuts the door on all of us for 2-3 days to work out what to do.

  1. Invest in YOU.

High-performance people have one thing in common.  We will invest in tactical skills without hesitating – sales strategies, lead generation, negotiation.  But rarely in skills that also build resilience.  Invest in getting to know WHO you are.  In understanding how your mind works.  And in training which enriches your ability to communicate, and unlocks the power in language – because when you’re in the thick of it, you need to be able to articulate both the challenge and the solution.

Learn to build resilience first-hand from Jacqueline Nagle at the REIQ Buyers’ Agent Chapter Breakfast on 18 July. Take-away key strategies for building your own personal resilience for business success. More information and tickets here.