Get real about your forms, checklists and processes – become a Realworks expert user

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Do you use Realworks but only have a basic understanding of its capabilities? Want to learn how this powerful tool can save you time and money in your business (for free!)?

Realworks a powerful tool which every real estate business should have because it is time and cost efficient .

Instead of subscribing to a range of systems and then also subscribing to inspection managers apps, or apps for routines, Realworks covers all of this in one easy app!

Often agents will pay for additional HR products, or get lawyers to write their employment agreements for the agency’s employees – Realworks does all of this and is legally compliant!

Realworks also offers all RTA forms in one convenient location, so there is no need to go to the RTA website and download them!

Realworks can:

  • prepare contracts in a legally compliant way
  • integrate seamlessly with trust accounting procedures
  • streamline letters, processes and checklists, such as lease renewals etc
  • connect with RPData

One of the most compelling features of the Realworks platform is that all forms, special conditions, annexures, and processes are regularly reviewed to ensure that they comply with relevant legislation, meaning  which  peace of mind for the business owner.

If you’ve recently started using Realworks, or have been using it for a while but are keen to unlock more features, this course is for you.

Beginning in August and running through September, October and November, the Realworks Induction for Sales and Realworks Induction for PMs courses will demonstrate how to use Realworks and become an expert.

I’m a business owner and I know from years of experience that an area where many real estate professionals run into trouble is when it comes to adding special information that is unique to this transaction to the contract.

I’ve seen people write their own special conditions into the contract – without understanding that only lawyers can write special conditions! Needless to say, this kind of activity can potentially put the contract’s legitimacy in doubt and can jeopardise the appointment and your client’s trust.

In the Realworks Induction I’ll show you how to use the annexures button to write additional special information into the contract. Your contract will be legally watertight and all the extra information will be included exactly as it should be, without exposing you or your business to additional risk.

I’ll also show you how to connect with RPData and how to simplify your office’s processes.

If you’re currently using another system and wondering if you should switch, come along to the course and I’ll explain why this is the most cost effective overhead your business can invest in.

There are other systems that can do most of what Realworks does but they aren’t as cost-efficient and from time to time I’ve had reason to question their interpretation of the Act. In my experience I’ve found Realworks to be the best on the market, which is why I love it so much and am keen to introduce others to its benefits.

Realworks gives you peace of mind that every form, every process, everything within this platform is legally compliant and its interpretation of the Act has been vetted and checked to the highest standards.

Property managers and sales professionals who have never used Realworks but are thinking about subscribing, or, those who only use it for one or two regular tasks could benefit from the REIQ Realworks Induction course.  Don’t delay, sign up today.

Cost: Free for REIQ members, $55 for non-members.