How to grab a client in a Google micro-moment


It’s not your imagination. The world is moving faster. People make life-changing decisions in a fraction of a second. Swipe left or swipe right? Google calls it a micro-moment and to win in business you’ve only got a micro-moment to make your case and grab your client.

Blink. That’s how quickly someone can access the internet.

Blink again. That’s how quickly someone can find your name online.

Now, blink again.

That’s how quickly some people come to a decision about whether they want to work with you based on what they find through their search.

Sounds crazy, right?

However, with advances in technology – including faster internet speeds, smart phones, sophisticated apps incorporating tech like voice search and messaging bots, plus a plethora of review sites –more and more, people are being guided by the information literally available at their fingertips.

What’s your gut reaction? Do you fight this new consumer behaviour, or are you willing to work with it?

If you’re fighting it, you’re going to be in a losing battle. While people will always rent, buy, sell and invest in real estate property, the ways they come to the decisions about when to move forward and who to use as an agent are changing. Relationships can now be started, built and maintained online if you’re open and ready to take advantage of the platforms available to you.

The truth of the matter is, as agents, we’re no longer the gatekeepers of most real estate information. That information is out there, online, for people to find. Our mindsets have to shift about what agents really provide their clients…and, yes, I believe that an excellent real estate agent is still an invaluable community resource!

Become the trusted local expert who provides area-specific information. Know the shortcomings of other real estate websites and apps out there, and be prepared to point out their weaknesses and why they shouldn’t be the only source clients rely on for information. Understand how each audience you want to reach researches for information and be there. Recognise how they prefer to communicate and be prepared to do that.  Be in the places your potential clients are most likely to look.

Most of all, learn about and decide which technology is right as the tool that best serves you and your clients, both online and offline.

If you’d like to learn more about how consumer behaviour is changing, and how you can reach people in that split-second moment before they move on, come listen to my presentation at the REIQ’s REAL TECH day on August 30, 2017, on Google’s Micromoments and what is meant by the Zero Moment of Truth.

I’ll not only cover the current behavioural trends for buyers and sellers, I’ll also discuss how best to work with that behaviour to achieve success in your business. It’ll be a great day overall to learn about the new technologies that are out there, and to cherry-pick the ones that will be right for not only keeping current with the times but moving your business forward. See you there!

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