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How Facebook is making millennials more engaged at work – and how you can too!

By 2020, 50 per cent of the world’s workforce will be millennials. How this generation goes to work, and their expectations of the workplace are vastly different to the expectations of any previous generation.

Millennials have grown up with a smartphone in their hand, tethered to a permanently connected world. These are the workers who don’t use email. Sure, they may have an email address (although growing numbers of them don’t have one), but that’s simply because most of the websites, apps or services of the world have been built by non-millennials and still require an email address in order to sign up!

Millennials don’t rely on traditional ways to connect. They choose the connection platform that suits them. They’re as familiar with social media as they are with their own reflection in the mirror. In short, they are the Facebook generation.

Recognising the unique way that millennials approach work, along with identifying how their own millennial staff were using the tools, Facebook recently come to market with a new offering for business – Workplace by Facebook.

Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by facebook

Workplace aims to radically change the way we work as employees. Workplace allows us to work the way that millennials work, on Facebook. But not the Facebook we know and love in our personal lives with its cute cat videos and dancing prisoners. Workplace is a private version of Facebook for use inside of your own organisation, without the distraction of non-work related content or advertising.

Designed to help employees collaborate across business units and geographies, it opens new cross-functional conversations, gives teams the ability to easily manage day-to-day projects, allows senior leadership to deliver top-down, company-wide messages in rich, immersive ways and build collective belonging and surface hidden knowledge across the organisation.

Workplace is a platform with the potential transform the way we work through harnessing the vast global scale of Facebook. Workplace is a completely familiar environment – anyone who has used Facebook will have an intuitive understanding of how Workplace functions. It takes the most useful elements of Facebook and creates business-relevant functionality. In other words, all the productive bits without the time-sucking distratctions!

A small team of like-minded individuals from Brisbane has founded Enablo, a Workplace-by-Facebook partner focused on helping organisations successfully adopt Workplace. Enablo’s goal is to enhance the experience of Workplace end-users through integrations into existing company tools such as Calendar, CRM, Accounting and employee performance management.

Want to know more? Enablo will be talking about Workplace by Facebook at the REIQ Real TECH Conference, August 30, at the Brisbane Convention Centre South Bank. Get your tickets at