PM Feature Day

How to build your practical property management skills

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Learn the secrets to developing a laser focus and better handle those day-to-day property management issues that take up our time and can lead to unnecessary stress and conflict at the REIQ Practical Property Manager Feature Day – QCAT, BCCM and RTRA Act. Legislative requirements, best practice tips and solutions together with scripts and dialogues to help influence positive outcomes are shared by energetic  passionate property management professionals.

Meet our PM champions

Jean Brown:
Talking about the power of positive property management, Jean Brown Properties Director, Jean Brown, will share how she has cultivated an award winning office culture.  Her team love coming to work and her owners and tenants are delighted with the service provides.

Nick Brown and Samara Bedwell – 
In property management we know that not all business is good business. The session presentations by REIQ trainers, PMSS team members and property management business owners, Nick Brown and Samara Bedwell, will help you know the key instructions you need to get right on the PO Form 6 so you can set the tenancy up lawfully and manage the property effectively and profitably.  Samara will also share the lessons she has learned in handling difficult personalities who don’t want to spend money on maintenance together with handling the “multiple quote” owner.

Lynn Smith – Common Form 6 Fails
The General Tenancy Agreement Form 18a and the entry condition report Form 1a are key documents when dealing with tenancy breaches and disputes.  Nick Brown will join RTA Senior Community Education Officer Lynn Smith to  highlight common areas of both documents which cause disputes and provide advice on how to get these forms right from the start of the tenancy.  They will also discuss the difference between a standard term and special term and what you can and can’t do legally.   Additionally Nick will share his expertise in renegotiating tenancy terms from one fixed term agreement to another.  He will discuss the RTRA Act provisions relating to rent/bond increases/decreases and significant  changes from  one agreement to another,  either fixed term or periodic.

Jill Eisenhuth – Strategies for Arrears Prevention
Jill Eisenhuth, of Raine and Horne Beenleigh, has  been operating in arguably one of the toughest markets in Queensland when it comes to rent arrears. She will share her proven strategies for arrears prevention and management as well as enforcement through QCAT.  She will provide  case study examples of QCAT experiences including when a tenant is awarded a stay and appeals a termination order.

Body Corporate Commission: 
Our special guest speakers from the Body Corporate Commission will help us learn what rights the owner and tenants have when there are issues on common property and what role the property manager can play.

Connie Mckee and QCAT Adjudicator Gabrielle Mewing:
I will join QCAT adjudicator Gabrielle Mewing  in a targeted session to help us get a better understanding of QCAT Forms including the Counter Application, Form 45 and 40.  The importance of published orders, evidence and compensation claims including re-letting costs and water will be discussed.

The interactive format of the day is a great opportunity for all attendees whether experienced or new to property management to supercharge or refresh their  broad legislative knowledge and learn from your peers in a fun and engaging way.

This amazing day, presented by the REIQ, will be on September 15 at Cannon Hill.  Get your tickets to The Practical Property Manager Feature Day.