Learn what you need to know about technology at REIQ REAL TECH

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Remember when getting professional photos done for your listing was the best way to stand out online because everyone else was doing iPhone photos?  Or using a professional copywriter was a way to win the listing because your competitors were still doing their own scrappy descriptions?

I know you don’t need to hear it from me, but those days are loooong gone. Professional photos are standard and professional copywriters are commonplace. Even your stunning digital window display and light-up signboards are everywhere.

Technology has changed the way we buy, sell and rent real estate and the REIQ has brought leading edge innovators to the REAL TECH Conference to get you caught up on what you missed and teach you what you need to know to be ready for what’s next.

Today, buyers can walk through a thousand properties without leaving their home, thanks to virtual reality walk-through videos.

Buyers can vet a dozen agents through online agent referral sites. They have access to properties before they hit the market thanks to apps such as B4. They know what the median sale price is in their suburb and even their street and can virtually create their own CMA, thanks to CoreLogic RPData and products such as the REIQ Queensland Market Monitor report.

Buyers are more powerful than ever before thanks to the dizzying array of technology that has arrived.

So what can agents do to harness the power of technology and converse seamlessly with tech-savvy buyers and sellers? How can technology help you scale your business to achieve bigger successes than ever before?

Come to REAL TECH to hear from the innovators, August 30 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Marketing 2.0

Marketing is the new theatre of war in the real estate space. Bus backs, print ads and letterbox drops are joined by Google ads, Google ranking, social media (organic and paid content), blogs, video content, drones, more dynamic websites, 3D walk-throughs – to name just a small slice of what’s out there today.

Today’s agent needs to run their business faster,  more efficiently and with zero wasted time, zero wasted money and zero wasted opportunity. After all, if you miss one listing, that’s one more listing your competitor gets. Can you afford to be feeding his business *and* yours?

Work smarter

Virtual assistants are here and can schedule your day, respond to voice commands to automate tasks, send emails that update your database on the latest listings before the marketing campaign kicks in.

Facebook ads, Google Adwords

Don’t be afraid of technology. Come and learn about Facebook ads, how to rank well on Google, how to regain control of your suburbs or build your profile in your key suburbs – all online. Learn about Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Real Estate, learn how to re-target and capture people who are looking for a house to buy.

Find out how to leverage your own website as a micro-listings portal for your suburbs. Bring the buyers to your online shopfront.


REAL TECH 2017 will help every real estate practitioner, whether a sales agent, a corporate support, a property manager, or buyer’s agent, up to speed with the digital advances that are here and changing the way real estate practitioners operate right now.

  • What does disruption look like now and in the future? Future Crunch’s presentation will open your eyes.
  • Hear directly from Facebook as they share the culture of innovation and what they’re doing for the real estate sector.
  • Learn how to identify and implement a digital strategy.
  • Raging Digital will share what the agent of tomorrow will look like and give you tips on how to become that agent today.
  • What will real estate look like in 10 years’ time? CoreLogic has the answers.

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