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See Lee! Last minute Lee Woodward tickets on sale!

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Tomorrow is the big day! Lee Woodward is coming to the REIQ to share his tips and advice with an exclusive audience at our Sales Success Day! The good news is that we have a few last-minute tickets available!

If you haven’t seen Lee Woodward, then this is your chance to meet a real estate industry legend! He’s well-known and highly regarded because his advice works.

But don’t just take our word for it, see what others have said:

REIQ Salesperson of the Year 2016 Mark McGill:

I have attended Lee Woodward’s training since my first year in real estate.  Following his teachings I achieved the REIQ salesperson of the year only four years into my career, and again two years later.  Lee doesn’t teach gimmicks and the latest new fads. He teaches you how to become a professional agent, and run a serious business as a professional.  Having done his training for almost eight years now, my business is steady and consistent, and Lee has always got the right script, tool or concept for handling every situation this job throws at us.  Doing his training will save you years of work getting started, and recharge your energy if you have been selling for a while and need something fresh.


REIQ Salesperson of the Year 2015 Brett Andreassen:

I have trained with Lee Woodward for nearly 10 years now, attending multiple events, training sessions and worked one on one with Lee, and without a doubt, he has been one of the main factors to my real estate career. Over that time, he has stood head and shoulders above any other real estate trainer in the space. With a practical approach to be able to implement ideas around the process of Find, List, Communicate and Sell, Lee Woodward is real.

Many trainers claim a ‘silver bullet’ marketing strategy, but don’t live up to the brochure, Lee’s strategic approach to training will help guide any agent, new to the real estate profession or looking for new direction, to improve on their current skill set.

Don’t miss out on your chance to see Lee! Grab your tickets from REIQ.com today!