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Sharpen your skills at REIQ BDM Day for PMs

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Growing your business when the market is only growing in small, incremental levels (which is most of south-east Queensland, let’s be honest) can be challenging and when everyone is so busy it’s almost impossible to find mentors with the time to stop and help you learn.

The REIQ BDM Day for Property Managers brings together 10 seasoned experts who can offer practical help and guidance, whether you’re a rookie or someone who’s been in the role for a few years.

REIQ Training and Professional Development Manager Anna MacMaster said the experts would teach every attendee secrets to reaching the next level in their career success.

“Many BDMs face roadblocks that hold them back from reaching their potential and growing the rent roll at an optimal rate to maximise agency profitability.

“The BDM day is all about learning from people who have achieved top rent roll growth and from individuals who have strategies and processes in place that will change your perspective and give you the keys to listing success,” she said.

BDM speakers include:

  • Malcom Riley, national real estate speaker, trainer and master of ceremonies
  • Lisa Perruzza, Place, REIQ BDM of the Year
  • Darren Fryer, Techwell, digital marketing expert
  • Rachael Byrne, Jean Brown Properties, REIQ PM of the Year
  • John Knight, BusinessDEPOT
  • Logan Lincoln, CoreLogic
  • Damien Barnett,
  • Connie McKee
  • Samara Bedwell, Macwell Property Management
  • Katie Cotton, EasyBondPay

“Lisa Perruzza, who is the REIQ BDM of the Year 2017, will be sharing her real estate journey with us on how she has forged a successful career in rentals over the past 10 years and how she has built a large client referral base. Lisa will also be sharing her tips on and insights into how she runs her business,” Ms MacMaster said.

REIQ trainer and expert BDM Samara Bedwell said the day would provide attendees with the skills and the knowledge they need to get more clients for their business.

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“We’ll do some really basic things, like talk about the top three client objections and we’ll teach everyone in the room how to overcome those objections, with instruction on how to write scripts. We’ll even practice role playing so they really learn!” she said.

Well-known REIQ trainer and keynote speaker Connie McKee will share lessons learned from a successful career in rent roll growth.

“Sure, I made some mistakes but I learned valuable lessons and this is how we improve and how we do better, so I’m looking forward to sharing those experiences at the BDM Day,” she said.

Ms MacMaster said the day also offered an opportunity for attendees to have every question answered.

“When does anyone get the opportunity to speak to almost a dozen experts in their field and get all their questions answered? This is a fantastic chance to take the next step in your career,” she said.

Tickets are selling fast so book today!

When: 17 November, 9am to 4pm
Where: REIQ HQ, 50 Southgate Avenue, Cannon Hill.
Cost: $200 members, $250 non-members.
Purchase tickets here