Mia Freedman

Balance is a torturous myth and so is the thigh gap

Most of us pride ourselves on working hard but why is it that so many of our professional mentors seem to have a failed marriage or two under their belt? Media publisher, author, podcaster and journalist Mia Freedman says there’s no such thing as work-life balance.

“Balance is bullsh*t. No one’s got work-life balance. The best things and the most important things that happen in your life will throw you off balance, so judging ourselves by this impossible standard is about as realistic as women trying to have a thigh gap.

“Work-life balance has become the new thigh gap and it’s making us all feel like sh*t,” she said.

Thigh gap is just another way women choose to torture themselves, according to Ms Freedman.

“It’s another impossible standard against which we’re measuring ourselves and our lives,” she said.

The well-known author and podcaster will take to the Summit stage to share her experiences with audiences using her trademark blunt language and no-frills descriptions.

She will share the insights from her latest book Work Strife Balance.

“I wanted to write a book that made women feel reassured. I’ve learned so much by failing and I’ve identified the worst things women do to ourselves and I have some ideas about how we can stop doing them,” Ms Freedman explained.

“Some of the things I’ve written about in this book: my eating disorder, pregnancy loss, ending a friendship, therapy, how I built a media company, how my marriage collapsed, the most humiliating career experience I’ve ever had and how I recovered from it, working for free, being diagnosed with anxiety, having a nervous breakdown, the hardest (and most surprising) year of parenting, how I knew I was done having kids, a letter to my daughter about my abortion, a letter to my sons about porn, why I think being fearless is a terrible idea (especially for women) and how I had to euthenase a friendship and… that’s only about half of it. Not even.

On the subject of resilience, Ms Freedman offered a thought that real estate professionals may connect with. As a public figure experienced with trolling and negative comments, Ms Freedman has developed a thick skin and many regard her a true master of resilience and inner strength.

“What other people think of me, or my book, is really none of my business,” she said.

“But if (someone) reading about me on the “Daily Mail” website thinks I’m a bad mum, well, I’m fine with that,” she said.

“My son wrote a chapter about what it’s like to have me as a mother that made me cry and laugh but mostly cry and not only in a good way.”

Mia Freedman will take to the Summit stage on Day 2. Get your Summit tickets at REIQSummit.com.au.