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The kids are alright: REIQ Young Guns open

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The annual REIQ Young Guns List is once again seeking applicants who can demonstrate outstanding achievements across the profession in the past year.

The REIQ Young Guns edition of the Journal is one of the most souvenired editions, with spare office copies being snapped up and squirrelled away as mementos.

Journal Managing Editor Felicity Moore said the highlight of the Young Guns edition was the photo shoot.

“We find a really striking location and have a theme and create a backstory for the shoot,” she said. “Last year we were fortunate enough to get the basement bar at Cloudland, which was a dark, dramatic room with an amazing ceiling,” she said.

“The look we were aiming for was a bit of a Brat Pack/Gossip Girl/disaffected rich young things type of look.

2016 Young Guns
2016 Young Guns

“The year before that it was shot on the beach underneath the Story Bridge. The light was the early gray of dawn and our Young Guns were obviously on the way home after an epic night out.”

The glamour of the cover shoot is one thing but the edition is designed to promote a more serious message.

“We know there is a new generation of real estate professional who is really shaking things up and changing the way the business works.

“We want them to have their moment in the sun, showing the rest of the profession exactly what can be achieved by young, motivated, hard-working

“We also want to blow up the myth that in real estate you have to have been around for decades to be really successful. That’s simply no longer true, thanks to innovative technology that helps savvy entrants to the business gain a foothold faster,” Ms Moore said. “These talented people work smarter AND harder to get the job done.”

Previous honourees of the REIQ Young Gun List include Josh Kindred, who was a principal of his own agency by 20 years of age and has since gone on to build an empire, employing more than 30 in his growing brand, Kindred.

Justin Nickerson, who has become the first Australian to win the Australasian Auctioneer of the Year twice, winning in back-to-back years in 2017 and 2018, was a Young Gun.

Anthony Obee left the UK to follow a girl all the way to Brisbane and promptly opened his own agency, which was named a finalist in the REIQ Awards for Excellence in its first full year of operation.

Kiah Coupland is the epitome of the new generation that is in ascendancy in today’s real estate profession. With little real estate experience, she saw that her dad’s First National agency needed a business development manager. She immediately jumped in and started teaching herself the business to become a highly successful BDM.

“These kids don’t wait for an engraved invitation, they roll up their sleeves and get stuck into the job. They also don’t care about tradition and the way things have always been done,” Ms Moore said. “In a profession steeped in tradition, they’ll figure out the best way to do the work and then set their course for success,” she said.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing what this year’s crop of high achieving professionals under 30 has achieved!” To be considered for the Young Gun
List, please contact Jordan Tindal for an application form. Email: