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Corporate Support: Tips for making yourself invaluable

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Good corporate support staff are crucial for a business’s success. An outstanding corporate support admin is visible and invisible all at the same time. They’re often the person who takes care of the little things that nobody else sees, while also handling the big things (like customer experience strategy!) they get tasked with. How can you be better at your corporate support role? What makes a good one? To learn all about this most varied and vital role in the real estate agency, step right this way.

The corporate support role has variety. One day you could be ordering settlement gift baskets and the next you could be creating a PowerPoint presentation for one of the sales agents. You know where everything is in the office and you know the correct procedures and processes for every task, every other role and every possible event. This makes you one of the most important people in the business.

But how do you get better? What areas could you improve to become indispensable?

REIQ Corporate Support Person of the Year 2018 Emily-Jane Megraw says the key to being invaluable is in your initiative. She says the Corporate Support team member has one of the best opportunities, of all the different roles in an agency, to have the most impact on things like office culture and everyone’s working life. She says Corporate Support is the eyes and ears of the office.

Evaluate everything

“Evaluate your workplace, constantly,” she says. “Listen to the people who are always complaining about the same thing over and over. It could be a salesperson who doesn’t know how to do something in the software they’re using, for example. Instead of dismissing that complaint as just a whinger, take the time to help them sort their issue out,” she says.

“It will make a difference to their working day, it will make a difference to your day and it will have an impact on the office culture,” she says.

“Look for these kinds of opportunities every day. They’re there, you just have to find them. And that will get noticed by the bosses.”

Be time-wise and dollar-smart

Evaluate every task you do on a daily basis. Could you be doing this in a better way? A faster way that delivers the same outstanding quality and/or results? Is this part of your job essential?

“Often we do the same tasks every week or every month and we don’t think about how we could be doing this better,” Emily-Jane says. “It’s important to evaluate how you spend your time and make sure it’s the most efficient and in the best interests of the business,” she says.

Clerical errors cost!

There are areas in every business where a focus on detail is critical and none moreso than where money is involved. Emily-Jane says by concentrating on simple details you can save the business money.

“It’s easy to make a mistake when you’re putting a listing on REA. By not checking what the client wants you could inadvertently cost the agency big money,” she said. “For example, if the client only wants their listing to appear on Domain and the agency website and you’ve put it up in the office premiere-all listing, you would cost the agency hundreds of dollars,” she said.

“Or another example, when you’re paying the photographer’s invoice. You could pay, $130 for this pack, $130 for that pack, and then $130 for another pack, without checking that the client didn’t order a floor plan and so the last bill of $130 isn’t correct.

“You need to be very details focused!” Emily-Jane says. “You’ll save the business real money and that will be noticed by your boss!”

Emily-Jane Megraw will be speaking at the REIQ Corporate Support Feature Day, May 18.

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