Why being an REIQ Young Gun was a great experience

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I was named a 2017 REIQ Young Gun and it was a career highlight. As a young professional who is part of a group of highly competitive, high-quality talent coming up through the ranks, it was a real privilege being recognised last year as a Young Gun. Here’s why you should enter today.

To have received this sort of recognition from the coalface of the real estate industry in Queensland is certainly something I don’t take lightly. To be recognised by the peak body as an elite agent, performing above my peers was a real boost, both personally and professionally.

From a professional point of view, this sort of publicity is unrivalled. It is the stamp of quality from the peak body, from the home of real estate. That means something. And being named a Young Gun means you’ve got the opportunity to market that award win across your social media or through your CRM to pipeline vendors, existing clients and past clients. It’s an opportunity to link your name with the REIQ brand and to stand out from the field. As a young agent or auctioneer, this recognition can be invaluable in building much needed levels of credibility with this specific group of people.

When you’re committing yourself 6.5 days a week, consistently getting home after 8pm Monday through Friday and dealing with the highs and lows that we all know and love about this industry, to be accordingly recognised for the time and effort invested is certainly appreciated.

Along with the time invested, it is the recognition of high quality customer service that has assisted in achieving Young Gun honours. In my opinion, the youth in this industry are now beginning to adopt a sincere service-oriented business model as the norm. This ‘service movement’ is truly something special that I hope will assist in clearing up the name of what it means to be a real estate salesperson.

Do it, apply today

I would advise any young agent or auctioneer who is serious about their business to apply for the REIQ Young Gun award. It’s a nothing-to-lose-everything-to-gain situation.

Being named a Young Gun also gives you networking opportunities with other similar-minded peers. You connect with other high-achieving real estate professionals and this is invaluable both from a practical standpoint and also from an informal standpoint. Think about it. Let’s say you’re a Brisbane-based agent, it can be very helpful, on a practical level, to know a high-quality agent in another jurisdiction, say, the Gold Coast. If the GC agent connects with a vendor who needs to sell their Brisbane property in order to buy on the Coast, who do you think that Gold Coast REIQ award recipient is going to call to help that Brisbane vendor out? Yes, the Brisbane REIQ Award winner! That could be you!

Finally, a quick note to say thank you to the REIQ. This recognition has really deepened our relationship, I feel like I’m now apart of the Institute’s family. I’ve got many contacts from the REIQ that I’m now connected with on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and these people are now very familiar faces that I see at most conferences and dinners that I attend. My final piece of advice to future REIQ Young Guns – get involved, you won’t look back.

To enter, email Jordan: jtindal@reiq.com.au

Patrick Ivey 2017 REIQ Young Gun