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The state of wellness and wellbeing in the real estate industry

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Wellness and wellbeing are important issues in the real estate industry and are of particular interest to our guest blogger, Jet Xavier. Read more about his wellness initiative here. Recently, the first research white paper on the state of wellness and wellbeing was released by the REVIVE PROJECT.

While the real estate industry is a great opportunity to achieve great things in business and in life, it also carries a unique intensity. As a mindset and success coach who has delivered thousands of coaching sessions to the industry all around Australia, it has been my observation that many agents are never able to achieve both a balanced life and a successful career.

What had become obvious to me, anecdotally, is that there are two sides to the real estate industry in Australia. The first is a high-gloss and perfect platform to create success in life and business; with its uncapped commission structures, flexible work hours and people-orientated environments. The second side is a high-pressured and burned out underbelly; where wellness and wellbeing are not on the agenda and where agents are becoming unwell, struggling with financial strain and in many cases leaving the industry, after experiencing the detrimental impact of imbalance.

The report details an industry at a turning point in relation to the wellness, wellbeing and the future of its workforce.

It is my intention that this white paper will form the foundation of a shift from the “old-school” towards a progressive and contemporary approach to wellness and wellbeing which will put the real estate industry in alignment with global best practice.

It highlighted some interesting findings. Some of the key findings were:

  • up to 60% of the industry are stressed
  • 46% of the industry suffer from physical symptoms of anxiety, and
  • 40% say that work impacts personal relationships.

There were certainly some areas for concern and discussion moving forward.

If you are interested in finding out more about the report and and its findings please go to

Would love your feedback on it.

Jet Xavier

(Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash)