Four auctioneer finalists named

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The REIQ Auctioneer of the Year heats were held on July 24 at the REIQ and four finalists have been named from a field of 10 competitors.

In a bidding sequence of more than 90 bids, the competition was described by one entrant as “long and demanding, which is what you want from a competition”.

Auction competition coordinator Peter Burgin said this year, the competition was leaning away from testing mental arithmetic skills and more towards recreating a real-life situation.

“We want to create as realistic a situation as possible and most auctioneers at some point in their career will face an auction of this nature with a high volume of bids. If they haven’t faced it already we want to make sure they’re equipped to handle it when it comes up,” Mr Burgin said.

This year’s curly questions were around the recently introduced GST-withholding rules.

“We wanted to test the auctioneers’ knowledge and their responses to this new legislation,” he said. “Every auctioneer was able to respond, which was great,” he said. “Some auctioneers were better able to articulate the details and requirements on buyers and sellers than others,” he said.

The 10 competitors were:

  • David Holmes
  • Justin Nickerson
  • Pat Ivey
  • Gavin Croft
  • James Bell
  • Mark Te Whare
  • Yianni Mooney
  • Chad Harding
  • Mark MacCabe
  • Matt Diesel

“Auction competitions are an important training tool and it’s great to see so many of our elite auctioneers continuing to enter the competition and continuing to work on their auctioneering skills,” he said. “Generally speaking, the level of skill was high from all entrants.”

REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella congratulated all entrants.

“By entering the competition you have committed to improving yourselves. The feedback from the judges will help sharpen your auctioneering skills and you will develop as an auctioneer, so congratulations for making that committment to yourselves and to your clients,” she said.

“And of course, a huge congratulations to the four finalists who have demonstrated elite-level skills and abilities. You have earned the respect of your peers, well done,” she said.

The four finalists who will battle for the title of REIQ Auctioneer of the Year 2019 are:

  • Justin Nickerson
  • David Holmes
  • Mark MacCabe
  • Gavin Croft

Mr Burgin said these four had distinguished themselves in a long and demanding auction call. “They showed an ability to encourage the flow of the auction and an ability to coax bids, which are important skills,” he said.

The REIQ Auctioneer of the Year finals will be held August 23 at Victoria Park Golf Complex. The event his year is an afternoon/evening event culminating in a cocktail party with all competitors and friends and family. Tickets at