A chance to help shape the future

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REIQ Board Director Anita Brown shares her views on how being a Board member can help you to play a part in the future of an organisation that has been making a difference for a hundred years.

Organisations that have been around for a century and longer often employ many processes and practices, and often a culture, that are steeped in tradition. Tradition is something to honour and cherish, but many of those processes and practices may no longer be appropriate for the fast paced, digitised world we live in.

This year the REIQ is celebrating its 100th birthday, and we are no exception to this truth. This milestone is the perfect opportunity to reflect on how far we have come, celebrate our success, and plan ahead for the future to ensure the REIQ is around for another 100 years.

Therein lies one of the constant challenges for the REIQ Board: How to remain current and keep the organisation and its services relevant to the real estate profession, industry and community while leveraging a 100-year legacy.

Relying on the REIQ’s respected and trusted brand is not enough. As a Board, we need to not only lead the REIQ but also be trailblazers in the real estate industry, particularly for the members and the community we represent. This sometimes means making difficult decisions, especially for those who challenge the status quo.

Changing the way things have always been done is exactly what we did with the recent changes to our Constitution. As Chair of the Remuneration & Nominations Committee, I am proud that our committee had the courage to recommend those changes to the Board. I am even prouder that it was supported by the Board and ultimately the membership. In my view it is the membership that need to be revered and congratulated for their contribution to making this pivotal change in the REIQ’s history.

Whether you agree with diversity targets or not, it’s important for the REIQ Board to reflect the composition and demographic of its membership, the real estate industry and the community in which it functions.

The REIQ represents a very talented membership. If the constitutional changes open up the talent pool by encouraging those members to nominate who previously may not have thought it was possible to be appointed to the Board, then this is a good outcome for not only the Board and the REIQ but the real estate profession as a whole. The entire profession will benefit from the experience and insights those members can bring to the Board.

I feel the REIQ’s public stance on diversity shows real courage and demonstrates a willingness to change and be current. This is a fantastic foundation on which to build our new strategic vision which focusses on innovation and you, the customer.

I want to encourage you to be part of an ever-evolving organisation that keeps up with the times and delivers what you need (and more) to be successful real estate professionals.

I am not a real estate professional, but a property investor, so having the opportunity to be part of an industry I enjoy, while using my skills and experience to help shape the direction of the profession, is fantastic and very rewarding.

You too can help play a part in shaping the future of the REIQ. Take up the challenge and be involved in guiding the REIQ into its second century.

The REIQ Board is calling for nominations. This opportunity closes September 27. To learn more visit REIQ.com.