Opportunity knocks with new Constitution

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REIQ Board Director Julie Boyd shares her views on why now is a great time to consider nominating for the Board. With the recent changes to the REIQ Constitution, opportunity comes knocking. This opportunity is unprecedented in the life of the REIQ because for the first time it overtly acknowledges the value of having diversity on the Board.

Some may say that this opportunity has always been there and, in theory, it has. But the reality has been very different.

Driving diversity

Rules are often established to keep like-minded people in decision-making positions. It matters not if you are male or female, young or middle aged, we all gravitate to those who are most like us. So, it is a natural process to vote for those most like us. However, when we are challenged to think outside our normal confines and look to those who are different to us, we can often be surprised by what we learn and the benefit it brings to ourselves and those around us.

Whilst I think I’m technologically savvy and I love what it can bring to my working and personal life, I know that the way I approach it is very different to the way my children approach and use it. I am much more cautious about stepping into the unknown and will assess and reassess an app or a product before I use it which is very different to my children and their peers. I find myself now regularly asking what’s new and what should I be using and I’m often surprised by the responses and the different comments about apps in particular.

New voices at the table

It is this different way of looking at life that will help to set the Institute up for the future. It is the diversity of opinion and what it might bring to the Board room that is so exciting and it means that all the members no matter their age, gender, experience or geographical location will feel that they have a voice and that the REIQ can tap into that thinking to ensure relevance both now and in the future.

Here is an opportunity for many members who would like to contribute but have felt for lots of reasons that it has all been too hard to nominate. It’s not anymore! I’m really looking forward to a different dynamic around the Board table not because it will necessarily be better but it will be different and potentially challenging. The idea behind the change to the Constitution is about looking forward and not backward and that’s what the REIQ needs to do to ensure another 100 years. Learn by our past but act for the future.

The REIQ Board is calling for nominations. This opportunity closes September 27. To learn more visit REIQ.com.

Julie Boyd