The advent of AI and what it means for the real estate profession

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Google will headline RealTech this year. During their session Google head of strategic accounts Everett H. Shiina and cloud account manager Fiona Malone will demystify the culture of innovation and explain how Google has taken heed of the “AI Awakening”, and evolved. They will also showcase how specific examples of Google services and initiatives can be leveraged by real estate professionals.

Over the past few years, research and development in AI and machine learning has come to an inflection point where fruit is being reaped on many fronts and for many basic functions. Still, many applications of this new technological evolution are still in their nascent phases of becoming mainstream in the workplace and in the home.

Indeed, there has been an explosion of machine learning courses in universities and research papers on its application for a multitude of uses in health sciences and robotics, but many business leaders of all industries are still uncertain where to start.

The science fiction we watched as children where machines and computers could do just as good of a job as a human, if not better, is slowly becoming a reality. However, the basic concepts of machine learning, how Google employs the technology for its own services that many of us click on every day, and how a small organisation with limited resources might approach leveraging Google’s AI capabilities to innovate and move faster, are yet to become mainstream knowledge and practice.

The good news is that – setting aside the math and the technical heavy-lifting done by the code – the basic concepts are really not that hard to grasp and the services are not reserved for large corporations or government research bodies any longer. In fact, some of the services are entirely free and easy to use, but not very well known. We always encourage companies to start small and explore their options with a Google Cloud partner.

My colleague, Fiona Malone, and I work in Google Cloud and our mission is to enable customers to take that first step. During our presentation at RealTech on October 10, Fiona and I are going to demystify Google’s culture of innovation, how we have taken heed of this “AI Awakening” and evolved. Then we’ll showcase some specific examples of Google services and initiatives that real estate agencies can potentially leverage. We will finish with some real customer success stories in Australia.

Come join us and learn how Google Cloud can help its customers to innovate and move faster. It will be fun and we’ll have a few prizes to give away too.

Looking forward to seeing you all at RealTech!

(The above blog post is the opinion of Everett H. Shiina and is not officially on behalf of Google or Alphabet.)

Everett H. Shiina and Fiona Malone from Google will be speaking at RealTech on Wednesday, 10 October at the Plaza Auditorium, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. Book your tickets at