The door is open…

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REIQ Chairman Peter Brewer shares his views about how you can make a difference by nominating for the REIQ Board.

“Someone should do something.” If you’ve ever muttered these words, coupled with the words ‘The REIQ’ in a sentence, here’s your chance to stand up and be that ‘someone’. Recent changes to the constitution of The REIQ have opened the door to encourage wider engagement from a more diverse collective of voices than has ever been possible inside any Real Estate Institute in Australia, and from my experience, throughout the World.

No more can there be a reasoned perception of The REIQ Boardroom being a ‘closed shop’ to a privileged few based on name or longevity. Any perceived barriers and glass ceilings have been removed, and come October, the doors will be wide open for more diverse conversations than ever.

I’m hopeful that these new conversations will not only be based on age and gender, but also include voices and invaluable input from the many voices that our industry represents. We have outstanding people in Property Management, Commercial and Industrial, Buyer Agency, Business Brokers, Projects, and Auctioneers. Your REIQ is the voice of so many areas of our Industry, but if you want to have a say, you first have to be prepared to put your hand up.

So, what are you going to do now that the doors are open? Whether you’re 18 or 88, whether you’re female or male, regional or city, sales or pm, if you’re passionate about our industry and where you believe it needs to be headed, then I encourage you to take a chance and put your name forward for election to your REIQ Board.

I promise you that working in a cohesive Boardroom, focused on designing and influencing the next 5-20 years of our industry, will be one of the most personally fulfilling things you will ever do.

Our fresh new constitution has opened the door. Will you be one to walk through it?

The REIQ Board is calling for nominations. This opportunity closes at 4 pm on September 27. To learn more visit