One huge reason you should upgrade your qualifications today!

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Often the idea of taking on more training can seem daunting. And who’s got the time for doing more study? But there is one HUGE reason you should think about upgrading today. 

What if taking on more training to upgrade your qualifications gave you greater flexibility in your career and could make you a more attractive candidate to an employer?

Recent changes to the Real Estate Industry Award have led to more people wanting to go out on their own and work as a contractor.

We’re hearing from real estate salespeople who enjoy their work, have made a solid start on their career, and are now ready to make the leap to the next level.

Upgrading your qualifications to the full licence will enable you to work as a contractor within the real estate profession. Working as an independent contractor will allow you to negotiate your own fees and working arrangements and you can work for a range of clients at one time. You can often set your own hours and have a significant level of control over your working conditions.

There’s never been a better time to consider upgrading your qualifications. The REIQ has streamlined its course work, clumping assessments together and offering a smoother, faster study experience for students.

While completing this three-day upgrade you can start assessments in class and work with your in-class teacher to ensure you’ve got all the knowledge to finish assessments at your leisure.

It will also be handy if the principal takes extended leave as you will be in a position to be their substitute, complying with Office of Fair Trading regulations.

There are up-sides all over the place! And if you’re not sure, why not talk to your accountant or your legal advisor to check?

Then sign up to our three-day upgrade here! Use the promo code UPGRADENOW at checkout before 30 November and save $300, making course pricing as little as $1000!

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