6 top priorities to create a winning culture in property management

Did you set goals at the beginning of the year that have been pushed to one side? Get back on track now!

The REIQ Impact PM Day gives you the chance to re-focus so you can start hitting those targets.  Small changes every day bring big rewards.

Priority  1 – RTRA Act Update! Know the laws that govern your profession. REIQ Legal Counsel Sean Roberts will update you on the RTRA Act review and where the government is in the process. He’ll also give you the inside track on everything the REIQ is doing to make the life of a PM easier.

Priority  2 – Online now! increase your online presence and your business will grow.  Award winning Solutions Property Management principal Laura Valenti will give you real-life practical examples of how she grew her online presence and how that translated to business growth.  Google rules, even when you are referred to a client they will check your reviews on Google first.

Priority  3 – Be camera-ready! Voice coach, Maree Clancy will teach you techniques to create powerful and engaging videos.  We all know consumers want information in a quick and concise way.  If you don’t embrace video you will be left behind.  Remember it’s not only what you say, it is how you say it, so don’t miss the chance to hear from an expert on how to create an instant presence on camera and connect with your audience.

Priority  4 – Time efficiency! Learn how to get the most out of the hours in your day. We all have the same hours in the day although some people achieve so much more. Samara Bedwell will provide a road map of simple yet effective time management techniques so you create a disciplined approach to prioritising  the dollar productive activities in property management.

Priority 5 – QCAT avoidance! Stay out of QCAT when you can. Disputes between lessors and tenants are a fact of life in property management. Learn from two highly respected practitioners, Jill Eisenhuth and Yvette Paterson, what they do to avoid going to QCAT and how they communicate to minimise disputes. They will also share some case study examples of how they achieve quality outcomes for their owners when they have no alternative other than to take the matter to QCAT.

Priority 6 – Career goals! Change your thinking – PM isn’t a job, it is a career.  Become the master of your own destiny, build a long-term career in property management and be rewarded with professional, personal and financial success.  Hear from Katie Knight, REIQ PM of the Year and newly appointed REIQ Toowoomba Zone Chair, as to how she has built an outstanding career in PM.  She will share the highs and lows of the journey and give you practical tips on how she stays on top of her game.

Don’t miss this opportunity to re-focus on what makes you stand out in PM. Know the legislation, know how to apply it and use the latest techniques to market your services cleverly to stand out as the go to expert in property management.

Impact PM Feature Day, 3 May at REIQ, Cannon Hill. Book tickets here.