A Young Gun’s authentic guide to successful marketing

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Harcourts’ sales agent and auctioneer Patrick Ivey knows what it takes to get an edge on the competition.

At the ripe age of 24, Ivey has received more accolades than most – like being named the 2018 Harcourts Queensland and Australian Auctioneer of the Year and an REIQ Young Gun in both 2017 and 2019, just to name a few. However, it’s not the shiny trophies that keep buyers and sellers coming in – it’s the ‘attraction business’ he’s built that ensures new clients find him, rather than having to hunt them down himself.

The REIQ Insider sat down with Patrick Ivey to discuss the techniques he uses to ensure his attraction business continues to pull in clients and referrals.

Harcourts’ Patrick Ivey.

Aislinn Dwyer: First and foremost, what is an attraction business and how did you implement this strategy into your marketing plan?
Patrick Ivey: “An attraction business is one where someone considering selling their property goes out of their way to contact you as the dominant agent instead of you having to go out and find them. It’s push versus pull, you can’t push a rope… you can only pull one. It takes years of ascertaining market knowledge and trust within the given local community to build a certain reputation that affords you to be called in to discuss the sale of their property. Then a bit of personality goes along with it of course. But on a deeper level, I’ve lived in my area in the same property, gone to the same barber, the same IGA, the same restaurants, the same gym, the same cafés etc for the past seven years and established some seriously strong foundations with local residents and business owners that have thrown me a lot of opportunities over the years too – I’m very grateful.”

AD: A quick Google search of your name brings up glittering reviews and a 4.9 star rating on websites like realestate.com.au and ratemyagent. Is this a key part of your marketing strategy?
PI: “Yes and no, I feel like more agents would Google their competitors rather than prospective vendors, however it’s great to show off your reviews. As we all know, our clients words speak louder than our own. I’m really proud of my reviews, I’d go as far as saying the most rewarding part of selling a property is receiving the review at the end of it. Yes getting paid is nice but I want the good review more, it’s real evidence that I’ve done the work.“

AD: You’ve ditched a few of the older marketing techniques like letterbox drops in favour of other approaches like community sponsorships and charity auctioneering. Why is that?

PI: “I love getting around local business, sporting clubs, schools, community events and calling charity auctions, it just makes me feel good.  Yes, social media has been helpful in promoting my brand. But funnily enough I’m the same person off camera. There’s so much merit in being loyal in 2019. A loyal customer is my dream customer, so I’m trying to reciprocate that, even if it just means going down to Elio’s on a Friday night for pizza. I’d rather spend my money there than go to a large chain.”

AD: Are you a big fan of content marketing and if so, what mediums do you use?
PI: “I love video, it shows who we really are as people…you can’t shy away from the camera. I would have preferred to respond to these questions via camera instead to be honest!”

AD: You have a Bachelor of Property Economics under your belt – do you pride yourself on having that extra bit of industry knowledge behind you?
PI: “I do, it was a long and grueling degree. So many times I considered walking away as I was always balancing two or three jobs with it, but I committed and am so proud that I stuck through it as I know a lot of people quit degrees and jump straight into something else. There is no instant gratification in this business, so in hindsight if I’m willing to commit to something like a degree, it ultimately proves that I’ve got the tenacity to overcome any hurdles that come my way during a marketing campaign for a client.”

AD: What other marketing techniques are you using that sets you apart from your competitors?
“Nothing that’s going to blow you away, more so just being more consistent than my competitors. I will always be posting something up on Instagram stories. I’m always popping up on peoples’ social media accounts commenting on things, adding value where I can. But just staying relevant through consistency is so important. And being real too, it won’t always be property related posts. Sometimes I’m with the dog, or out with friends, or at a local restaurant, or getting a haircut at the local barbers. I’m always changing it up, but always having fun and that’s what the market wants to see. There’s enough trouble and negativity in this world, so if I can help brighten up someone’s day – I’m happy!”