Dog years + internet years = the same

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Question: What do dogs and the Internet have in common?  

Answer: One year in the Internet’s life-cycle is equivalent to one year of a dog’s life (you know, there are seven of theirs to one of ours?)

Changes to the way the Internet works – that is, its exponential growth and expansion into new realms of our lives – is difficult to keep up with, even for people who like me work with it every day.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to lessen the confusion and burden that change sometimes represents, by taking you through some of the recent and upcoming changes to the website.

In early December 2011 we introduced the .com extension to our domain and branding, the theory being that .com makes it easier to recall and type into a web browser. We also did a bit of cosmetic work on our home page and launched an updated search box. This has proved successful by allowing our now more than 90,000-property listings to be found more easily.

So, what are our plans for the Institute’s web offering in the near future? 

We would like to retain the traditional property portal features such as property listings, search by accredited agents and property sales data information.  However, the aim is to enrich the experience through the addition of dynamic multimedia applications including social networking, video posting, live streaming, blogging, online training with e-commerce capabilities, chat online with an accredited agent while reading tips and advice for listing a property and much, much more.

We’ve embarked on this journey by recently launching this blog @ and are excited to be launching an REIQTV channel soon and re-launching a simple-to-use but powerful property search engine. These will be launched in early March.

Why did we decide to re-build our new search engine? now features the second largest number of Queensland properties for sale and lease in the country, and as this has happened in a very short period of time, it has outgrown our current technology. The expectations for search are higher than they used to be, thanks to sites like Google and searchers wanting to find the latest relevant listings the second they are available.

What will be the new features?

New keyword features will include the ability to type to search by: region; suburb; postcode; street; address; ID; keyword or a mix of different terms.  For example: “Gold Coast; ocean views”, “Gympie; investment”, “Park Road, Milton or 4000; furnished”.  And you can use the other tabs and filters too, just MOUSE OVER rent, commercial, business or rural.  Remember: it is always a good idea to include the surrounding suburbs, or go to the advanced search for more options.

We’ve built this new search engine with the future in mind. As grows in popularity we will be able to show more relevant property listings to our users, and this will translate into delivering many more qualified leads to our accredited agencies.


By Geoff Jennings, Executive Manager Business Development, REIQ