Election over, time for action

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With the Queensland election now over, bar the counting in a few seats, the REIQ is keen to get on with ridding the industry of red tape. For many years we have been promised change would be made but it ended up being much ado about nothing.

In the current “can do” environment, I am pushing for delivery of these promises. At the very least, we need the transfer duty concession on the principal place of residence reinstated. We also need the documentation on the sale of properties to be made much more streamlined.

Did you know there are currently at least 25 uncoordinated statutory obligations under 11 different pieces of legislation which affect the conveyancing of real property?

Now the new Attorney-General and Justice is known, I will be beating a path to his door. During the election, not only was it the CEO and chairman, but Institute members who embraced the need for the whole industry to push for change – I am looking forward to harnessing this energy.


By Anton Kardash, CEO, REIQ

  1. Peter Brewer

    Well said Anton. The new government has an opportunity to incentivise the market and cut the stupid bureaucracy and costs that stifle growth. I know that consumers and agents alike are looking for big things from this new government. Go get ’em!