Five tips to move your real estate career next level

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A career in real estate sales is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a career that rewards effort and there’s no place to hide – if you lift your foot from the accelerator your competitors will zoom past you and it will be nobody’s fault but yours.

Building a successful real estate career takes guts and determination. Success means being ready to work harder and longer than your competitors. Success means being ready to seize every opportunity. Success means being ready to set goals and achieve them.

Are you ready?

Here are five tips to ensure you’re ready to go next level when opportunity knocks.

  1. Know more than everyone else in the room: In other words, be an expert on the market that you’re working in. Understand the data and  the real world figures. When it comes to negotiating, don’t bluff – be certain. Know what you’re talking about, including the legislation. Especially the legislation! This will give you confidence and the person across the table will know that you’re the expert.
  2. Have the next step planned: It feels like you’ve just got your salesperson’s registration and you’re still getting your feet under the desk, but the successful sales people (i.e. the big dogs in the industry) all agree – have the next step mapped out. You may be selling in a suburb where the median house price is $400,000, but if you identify the nearby suburb where the median is $800,000 you will be ready when an opportunity to list in that suburb crops up unexpectedly. Know everything about that suburb – where are the schools, what shops are there, what are the best streets where the most expensive homes are.
  3. Learn how to listen: Really listening is a rare skill. It means remaining quiet and allowing others to speak without interruption. Observe a conversation. See how people tend to talk over the end of each other’s sentences and interrupt? That’s because they are more focused on talking than listening. They want the other person to hear what they are saying, more than they want to listen. A good real estate agent will ask the right questions while still allowing the customer to speak and eventually ask their own questions. This is the number-one skill that every top agent has in their arsenal. It is a skill that must be practiced. And if you are always listening, you will definitely hear opportunity knocking.
  4. Forward planning: Most of us have heard the expression ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. It’s especially true in the world of real estate sales. You need a team around you that is finely tuned and knows how to work well together. If you haven’t yet got to the point where you can add a team member, build your work processes so that when you reach that point it’s a simple matter of handing off certain tasks.
  5. Get qualified now: With recent changes to the Real Estate Industry Award by the Fair Work Commission, it’s now more valuable than ever to be a fully qualified licencee. This qualification gives you more control, more flexibility and it makes your career more portable. Upgrade your registration qualifications to a full licence now with REIQ. Learn more about our licencing courses and how you can upgrade your career here.