How teamwork makes the dream work come auction day

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David Holmes, Director and Auctioneer for Metro Auctions explores the advantages of selling agents using an auctioneer for a smoother selling process.

Imagine arriving at your favourite hotel with your significant other. After alighting the vehicle, you hand the keys to the well-dressed valet who whist grinning confidently, moves your car to safety. You step inside the foyer and are immediately greeted by the concierge who looks remarkably like the valet, the gentleman at reception also bears the same resemblance and finally when enjoying your welcome drink, the bartender continues the theme of similarity.

Prior to being a full time auctioneer, I was a selling agent and auctioneer with a team of around 35 agents on the Sunshine Coast. I had a background in chattel auctioneering but my passage to real estate auctioneering was to ground myself in a quality brand and experience the business from an agents perspective. I sold for several years and thoroughly enjoyed the process.

Whilst selling, I listed many properties via auction and had a great degree of success. There was one thing I learnt very early on in my auction calling career, it was simply to leave the heavy lifting to a specialist auctioneer on the day. Even though I was regularly calling auctions for other agents in the office, the auctions that I called for properties I had listed myself were a slightly chaotic transaction.

I swiftly figured out that the position of auctioneer afforded that person a great deal of authority in the negotiation process. I was effective in working with the vendors throughout the campaign, engaging the buyers and building rapport with both sides and working closely with the buyers on the auction floor. The day I had to register the bidders, call the auction, work the buyers, check in with the vendors, drop the gavel, sign the contract, pop the champagne, slap on a wrinkly SOLD sticker, take three selfies and THEN post to four social media channels about my success, was the day I decided to get smarter and streamline the process.

I love calling auctions – it’s my passion. Perhaps like you as a selling agent, I’m really comfortable in my groove because I do it week in and week out. It’s my opinion that as the agent, you are best suited to working with those that you have the most influence with – the buyers and sellers. A skilled auctioneer can be your greatest asset on the day as they provide a singular, experienced influence on the day that can sway bidders tens of thousands of dollars to near reserve and conversely, bring momentum and the possibility of a premium price balanced by the reality of current market conditions to your vendors.

On auction day, a quality auctioneer can make you look like a total rock star by either getting the deal done, influencing a price adjustment or creating energy in a transaction that may have otherwise been a dull day.  Play to your strengths, I’ll play to mine and together, we’ll make you shine!