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Introducing Realworks HR

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Between navigating the requirements of the Real Estate Industry Award, the Fair Work Act, the Work Health and Safety Act, and myriad other rules and regulations, employers in the real estate industry understandably face a difficult time ensuring their employment policies, procedures and documentation reflect best practice.

The suite of documents included in the RealworksHR platform are designed as a comprehensive package to avoid common pitfalls, including:

  • the dangers associated with employment contracts containing incomplete, ambiguous or unlawful terms. The employment agreement included in the platform is designed specifically for the real estate industry, with a view to ensuring employees receive at least their minimum Award entitlements while at the same time ensuring appropriate protection of the agency’s interests such as protection of confidential information;
  • sham contracting and the dangers associated with independent contractor agreements which include incomplete, ambiguous or unlawful terms. The independent contractor agreement included in the platform is designed specifically for the real estate industry, and is accompanied by a fact sheet to assist in properly classifying employees and contractors;
  • poorly managed performance management and employment termination processes. In addition to supplying template forms and letters dealing with performance improvement, formal written warnings, and dismissal letters, the platform includes comprehensive step-by-step guide books outlining best practice processes for counselling under-performing employees and dismissing employees;
  • inadequate policies and procedures, which make management of the agency unduly difficult and which increase agencies’ exposure to claims by employees. To address this common gap, the platform includes policies relating to workplace health and safety, social media and IT, anti-discrimination, harassment and workplace bullying, as well as a working at home policy and procedure;
  • responding appropriately to workplace complaints and grievances. The platform includes a complaints and grievances policy and procedure manual, in addition to a comprehensive step-by-step guide to conducting workplace investigations.

The aim of RealworksHR is to take the complexity out of managing your workforce so that agencies can spend less time agonising over employment matters and more time on their principle tasks of selling, leasing and managing property.

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