REIQ proposed changes to Constitution

Why we are proposing changes to the REIQ Constitution

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I think It’s way past time for us all to address the perception of our real estate profession being driven by ‘the Old Guard’. It’s terminology I hear often and I think it does no favours to our wonderful organisation.

I’m not by any means taking aim at any incumbents who work tirelessly and who have served on Boards and Associations throughout our profession. These people have given generously of their time and it is their passion that has driven the profession forward over many decades. Their dedication should be saluted.

But i think it’s time to take a look at the make-up in our upper echelons and how  leadership roles are filled in our industry, and ask ourselves why those roles are not filled with more diverse voices – the young, the female, and the geographically diverse voices that are such a rich part of our profession today.

I’ve been canvassing some thoughts on why more younger, female, and diverse minds in general aren’t putting their hands up to take on industry roles.

Simply put: I’m told by some that they they don’t feel welcome, they often think they’re not a chance of being elected in what many feel is a popularity vote rather than a broad representative vote.

How do we fix that?

The REIQ Board has proposed changes to the Constitution that will usher in greater diversity and more representative discussions into our Boardroom. It is a structured way to roll out the welcome mat for those who may be interested in leadership but currently don’t feel they can challenge incumbency, or popularity.

And, I believe from a self-sustaining viewpoint, making sure our Board of Directors better reflects the make-up of our entire membership is a way for us to ensure that our decisions reflect the broader will of our very diverse membership. . It’s a way for us to better connect with the different sub-sets of members that are part of this wonderful Queensland real estate profession and that, in turn, will drive engagement and participation rates. In many regards, it will be a perfect virtuous circle – welcoming all different voices will ensure all the different voices are participating and having a say in the way this organisation is run and is driven for the next 100 years.

I know we have some amazing people in our profession and I think it’s time we show there is a seat at the table for them too.

It could be argued that we are introducing ‘quotas’ into the Boardroom.  I have a preference of considering that we’re giving democracy a gentle nudge by introducing various Director classes as is the case with a rapidly growing number of Public companies. This is not an uncommon or radical proposal. It’s a proposal from a forward thinking Board intent on ensuring quality debate and planning for the benefit of all members for the next 100 years.

I encourage you to support the Boards proposed changes to ensure that every facet of our Membership, Male, Female, Young, Senior, Regional and South East have a seat at our Board table.

You can learn more about the specific changes to the Constitution here.

Peter Brewer