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REIQ REAL TECH 2017 – here’s what you missed!

The REIQ has hosted its first technology conference, designed to bring technology and real estate professionals together. The event was a sell-out and the feedback has been nothing short of phenomenal. Here’s a small taste of this incredible event.

The Future of Disruption – Future Crunch

Incredible things are happening on our planet. Diseases are being eradicated, war is decreasing, millions are being lifted out of poverty and billions are gaining access to the greatest information resource humanity has ever known. We can unravel quantum mechanics, use machines to translate any language, cut and paste our own DNA, and we’re taking bold new steps into space.
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The Future of Real Estate – Greg Dickason, CoreLogic

Artificial intelligence is going to become even more prevalent in our daily lives. You will be able to walk into your smart home and talk to to your virtual assistant – “Alexa, I’m out of milk, please add milk to my grocery order” or “Alexa, please add bread to my grocery order and have it delivered tonight.” The bill is paid by your online credit card details that are part of your account and delivery times are automatically scheduled by your virtual assistant/Alexa. Soon, in Australia, you’ll be able to say, “Alexa, please find me the top three real estate agents in my suburb and make appointments with them so I can sell my house.”

This is an opportunity for real estate agents to be at the leading edge so make sure you embrace technology, find ways to work with technology providers. Understand big data and what it means for you and your business.

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Google’s Micro-Moments – Tara Christianson, International Digital Speaker

Consumers check their phones 160 times per day. Apple tells us that iPhone users unlock their phone 80 times a day, on average. As consumers we are now making decisions to purchase products and services in a micro-moment. How can you make sure your brand is there in that micro-moment when a consumer is making a decision about property?

Millennials are your new customers you need to know who they are and where they live. They are online daily, usually their smartphone (not on a desktop) and they do their research on their phone (not a desktop) so make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Make sure you have video (with captions!) on your landing page and you have “touch to call” enabled.

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Meet the new REIQ Agent.ID. app developed by our partners InfoTrack

The REIQ has partnered with app developers InfoTrack to develop Agent.ID, an app that helps agents simply and instantly verify the identity of a potential vendor, vastly improving the transaction experience and reducing pain points for both agents and the customer.

Agent.ID allows agents to leverage the “micro-moment” when the listing presentation has gone well and the vendor is ready to complete the Form 6 on the spot. It means you can verify their identity and get the title search all done in just a few taps of the iPad or tablet.

It’s a quick and easy two-step process. 1. Visit the AgentID website and create an account. 2. Then download the app from the iTunes App Store (there’s a link on the Agent.ID page in the previous step) and test it for free for the first two months!

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Dynamic Methods – Realworks

Realworks unveiled some exciting features at the REIQ REALTECH 2017 event.

  1. Sign here flags! That’s right, just like real world contracts where you put little “sign here” stickers beside every dotted line where the client must sign, there is now a digital version! It’s very simple and available immediately on all residential sales contracts earmarked for digital signatures. These will next be rolled out on property management contracts. For more information, check the News section in Realworks.
  2. Signing contracts on-screen: You can now have clients sign the form without printing it out – just open it on the tablet or PC and use a finger, or stylus, or mouse! Easy! This is available right now!
  3. Docusign: Got a client on an overseas cruise and you need their signature? Realworks has partnered with Docusign to offer secure signature capabilities for clients who aren’t with you in the room. This feature rolls out soon.
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Queensland Globe – Steven Jacoby, Department of Natural Resources and Mines

The Queensland Globe is an online interactive tool that turns physical, geographical and spatial data about a particular location into map format. Use the Globe to access over 600 spatial data layers on Queensland roads, rail, property, topography, mining and exploration, land valuations, land parcel information, water levels and more.

  • Access to real-time spatial data – anywhere, anytime – through your computer, tablet or smartphone web browser.
  • New measuring tools and the ability to save, share and download maps and searches.
  • Pinpoint your location and access data when in the field.
  • Browse information about single parcels of land, including a property’s official annual valuation, closest public transport routes and more.
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Implementing a Digital Strategy – Saurav Kataria and John Cowen

Disruption is inevitable and the key to winning is seeing threats on the horizon and preparing for them. Get your digital strategy in place now and be ready for change.

  1. Everyone is going to be disrupted at some point. If you think you won’t be affected, you just don’t know how yet.
  2. Don’t underestimate the pace of change. Time is not on your side!
  3. Strategy and execution are not enough. The strategy that got you here may not be the one you’ll need tomorrow.
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Techwell – Use Technology to Build Your Real Estate Business

Technology can help you win more listings and grow your business through improved cash flow, so you can sell your booming business for a well-deserved retirement!

How do I get more listings using technology? Learn about Google Ad Words, Facebook Ads, digital marketing techniques and measure the success of each channel. Techwell can measure the success of signboards and compare it with online ads, print media, email marketing and SMS marketing and help you understand which is the most successful tool for bringing in new listings.

Millennials are the clients of the future: They stay in a job for an average two years, they travel cheaper and easier than any other generation, they stream music and TV shows (don’t buy outright), and they have a combined income of $115,000. They do business on their mobile phone so make sure your website is mobile friendly.

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Culture of Innovation & Facebook for Real Estate  – Oli Moore, Facebook

In 2012 Facebook’s IPO started well before tanking. According to our Facebook keynote speaker, Mark Zuckerberg responded with a bold move – “We started developing for mobile first, making the mobile experience the focus of our attention,” Moore said. It doesn’t sound all that bold today, but in 2012 mobile phones only accounted for 17 per cent of all internet traffic. According to Moore, Zuckerberg recognised the rising trend and correctly spotted how it would go over the next five years. Today, smartphones account for 60% of all web surfers and surpassed desktop users in 2015.

Increasingly, Facebook is working with marketers to help them reach their target market, with innovative products such as Dynamic Ads for Real Estate and tailored video products.

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Facebook Workplace – Daragh McGrath, Co-Founder & Head of Growth – Enablo

Facebook Workplace is, basically, the genius elements of Facebook re-engineered for the workplace. It helps team members communicate more efficiently, it cuts down on emails, and drives the free flow of creativity and ideas.

By 2020 – in just three years – 50% of the workforce will be millennials. Workplaces are changing to accommodate these new thinkers. Facebook Workplace is intuitive and easy to use – anyone who has used Facebook will understand how it operates.

You can use Workplace to develop a digital assistant to help automate simple, repetitive tasks which frees up workers to do more productive work.

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Agent of the Future – Colin Anstie, Raging Digital

With younger consumers becoming more savvy, it is important that real estate agents put themselves in front of these consumers in every way possible.

Consumers building opinions based on businesses online footprint. They are equipping themselves with the facts and are completing their research before engaging with products and services. 51% of consumers research people online and 59% of customers research online whilst in a store.

The agent of the future needs to collect data, learn systems and tools that will enable them to be up to date with the online community and allow automation of processes. Agents need to grow their online presence and grow their audience with quality content.

Testimonials – REIA uses Raging Digital and Andrew Bell from Ray White Surfers Paradise loves Raging Digital!

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