REIQ unveils new e-learning training platform

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Queensland’s leading real estate training provider, the REIQ, has unveiled new training products that offer an enhanced e-learning experience for students. The new, market-trading, mobile-responsive platform offers interactive enrolments, interactive learning modules and interactive assessments as standard features.

The e-learning platform has also introduced modern, streamlined training capabilities, with a student portal that enables peer-to-peer connections as well as student-totrainer connections, in a seamless and engaging digital environment.

Always accessible

“The REIQ is constantly looking for ways to improve customer experiences and maintain its market dominance and bringing this streamlined learning experience to our students will do that,” REIQ Professional Development Manager Anna MacMaster said.

“We live in a 24-hour world, where businesses who want to earn customer loyalty and trust must be available for their customers in the way the customer chooses – online, 24-hours a day. Gone are the days of forcing customers to engage the way the business chooses,” she said.

“In a nutshell, it’s easier for our students to engage with us. From the moment they first make contact, through enrolment, learning and assessments, to the moment they graduate, every interaction can be done on the device of their choice at the time of their choice in the manner of their choice,” she said.

Cloud-based learning

With the new platform, students will be able to complete assessments online and save to the cloud, logging out and returning to the same place multiple times before submitting their final work.

“In the past, the old way of doing things has been to download the assessment work, complete it offline and then upload the final assessment. It’s a multi-stepped process that offers many opportunities for technology fail along the way.

“This new platform allows students a virtually frictionless e-learning experience and vastly improves their engagement experience with the REIQ training,” Ms MacMaster said.

The new mobile-responsive online platform is intuitive for students, and features interactive content, user-friendly learner guides and a wealth of resources for students to access.

Real-world learning

In addition to the online course, students have the option to attend three-day classes which highlight practical skills and knowledge.

Whether students are attending class or accessing the course online, REIQ’s outstanding student support service and fast assessment marking time ensure students can get their Registration certificate quicker and start their exciting new careers in the real estate profession as soon as possible.

REIQ’s team of real estate trainers is second to none in Queensland, with every member of the training team an experienced and successful real estate professional.

A century of experience

The REIQ is celebrating its 100th birthday in 2018 and this unrivalled level of industry experience, coupled with its relentless drive to innovate, means students who choose to study with the REIQ can achieve the best learning outcomes, whether they are brand new to the real estate profession or an experienced practitioner upgrading their skills.

The REIQ is widely recognised for its leadership of the profession, and its relevance to real estate practitioners, government and the community.

The real estate profession’s peak body, the REIQ, will continue looking to the future of the real estate profession in Queensland and finding new and better ways to deliver the essential training for Registration and Licence students.

Job matchmaker

One of the bonus services that the REIQ provides for students and member agencies is an opportunity to meet-and-greet at a career networking event.

Those students who complete their studies and are looking to work with an REIQ Accredited Agency can attend the REIQ Career Networking Lunches – these are the perfect way to meet prospective employers. Held regularly in Brisbane and at the Gold Coast, they are free and the agencies attending are actively recruiting for new team members directly from REIQ’s pool of successful graduates and current students.

Email us to book your place at the next Career Networking event.

To view course options and to enrol, visit, or email us phone 3249 7347.