REIQ Young Guns 2019: Last Chance To Enter!

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Are you a real estate mover and a shaker under the age of 30? The annual REIQ Young Guns List is once again seeking applicants who can demonstrate outstanding achievements across the profession in the past year.

The REIQ Young Guns edition of the Journal will be published in June 2019, and it will be one for the mantelpiece. Contact us today for application form, and get featured on our cover – right there where you belong!

As in previous years, the highlight of the Young Guns edition will be an amazing photo shoot. “We find a really striking location and have a theme and create a backstory for the shoot,” said Ms Felicity Moore, managing editor of the REIQ Journal. The photo shoot always aims to be fun, with more than just a touch of glam.

Individual photos are also taken of each of the Young Guns and we will tell readers more about your journey to success, so there will be bragging rights all around.

The cover shoot might be loads of fun, but the edition is designed to promote a more serious message.

“We know there is a new generation of real estate professional who is shaking things up and changing the way the business works. The aim of this edition is to show what can be achieved by young, motivated  and hard-working people.

“The latest marketing trends, platforms and technologies are second nature to the younger generation. They make the most of this knowledge to engage with their clients in unique and innovative ways. And they achieve the results to show that it works,” Ms Moore said.

Previous honourees of the REIQ Young Gun List include Josh Kindred, who was a principal of his own agency by 20 years of age and has since gone on to build an empire, employing more than 30 in his growing brand, Kindred. This year Josh was elected as the first new Young Director to the REIQ Board.

Justin Nickerson, who has become the first Australian to win the Australasian Auctioneer of the Year twice, winning in back-to-back years in 2017 and 2018, was a Young Gun.

Jessica King was one of the 2018 REIQ Young Guns. She was also the winner of 2018 REIQ Award for Excellence as Business Development Manager of the Year, and in 2014 she was named Rookie of the Year.

To be considered for the Young Gun List, please contact Felicity Moore for an application form. Email:

Entries Close: 5pm March 29, 2019.