Save money, time and the environment with DocuSign!

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Realworks subscribers across Queensland have already begun reaping the benefits that DocuSign offers – saving time, as well as the environment, via the convenient, user-friendly Realworks platform.

Fully integrated within Realworks, subscribers using DocuSign can now execute 28 forms with the electronic signature software – and we are working towards releasing more.

All forms authorised for electronic signing are marked with the DocuSign tag in the forms list in Realworks.

REIQ’s Membership and Products Manager Fiona Maraca says while there is no substitute for face to face time with clients, getting that signature on an agreement or a contract becomes so much easier for all parties with DocuSign.

“It’s not uncommon for agents to have buyers and sellers living interstate or even overseas, or property managers to deal with multiple tenants for one agreement” says Ms Maraca.

“DocuSign allows both you and the client a sense of convenience that has previously been unattainable, by allowing either party to execute contracts and agreements with an electronic signature.

“The process is simple enough for technophobes to embrace, is totally secure, fully compliant and of course, legal.”

Is DocuSign easy to use?

Yes, we have integrated DocuSign into Realworks. This means you do not need to leave the platform. After finalising your form, click on the electronic signing option then select DocuSign. You will be able to send a unique email to each party required to sign the form. Once all parties have signed, they will be sent a completed, executed copy of the contract.How can I purchase DocuSign?

If you’re a Realworks subscriber who hasn’t purchased DocuSign, you’re in luck.

You can sign up today for a 12 month subscription in Realworks for just $249 (excluding GST). This exclusive deal is for use in Realworks only.