Selling property tips

In any market, sellers need to ensure they are giving themselves the best possible chance to secure a successful sale.

Pricing your home correctly is the first and foremost consideration, but it is also a very good idea to spend a little time freshening up the look of your home before placing it on the market.

A little attention to decorating the interior rooms by adding soft furnishings, a couple of paintings and fresh flowers can make all the difference to the look and feel of a home.

A few ideal renovation tips such as applying a fresh coat of paint, sanding the wooden floors or replacing worn carpet can freshen up the look of any room. And all this can be done either by hiring a professional tradesperson or doing-it-yourself at a fairly minimal cost.

A decorated interior can also help a buyer visualise how nice a room can look.

Although interior design features are an individual choice and sometimes bright colours are fashionable, it is usually a good idea to choose paint colours that are neutral such as white or cream for walls and floors. You can then add the colour with furniture and accessories.

To spice up the look of a room, add bright cushions, colourful rugs and flowers – which can all be obtained at a low cost.

There are several avenues open to you when researching interior designs for new and existing homes. The REIQ recommends home owners visit display homes or home shows and property expos to learn what features are available and what decorations are in style.

Experts such as architects, retailers and interior designers can also advise what colours are current and popular, what tiling or glass designs are in fashion, new carpet choices, and light fittings and maybe even where to locate affordable decorative pieces.

Any major changes to the interior features of a home may add to its selling price as long as they are not too costly, are easy to maintain, offer convenience and are efficient to run.

Companies that offer decorating services – such as leasing furniture and soft furnishings to the owner of a home during the sale period – are becoming more popular as sellers choose to present their home in the best possible light.

For those on limited budgets, one of the most effective things you can do is to give your home a thorough clean inside and out. You should also de-clutter as much as possible and it is also a good idea to remove any personal items, such as family photographs, so that prospective buyers can best visualise the property as their future home.