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Social media tips for real estate agents

Businesses using social media to reach potential clients is commonplace. By tapping into the social media world you are able to expose your brand directly to other users, grow a fan base and even track how many people are seeing your content.

Social media erases the uncertainty of knowing who exactly saw your billboard sign, your bus stop sign, the ad that you placed on the radio and the flyer that you took all day to letter box drop.

Haven’t yet taken the leap into social media world?

Never fear! Getting started can seem daunting, however, after you establish your audience, what channels they use and how they use them, the rest can be a planned breeze.

What channels should I use?

Social Media Today has released data that shows how many users are on each channel. But, in particular we think that social media business beginners should start out with Facebook and Instagram. Some agents are using LinkedIn really well and those who are producing great video content have a vibrant YouTube channel. If you’re looking to start off small, just begin with Facebook and Instagram.

How do I create a content calendar?

A content calendar is your key to consistent, long-term social media success. A content plan is simply a plan outlining every post you’re going to publish for the week or the month or even the year (depending on how organised you want to be).

You can use any readily accessible software:

When and how often to post?

Now for the content. How many times a week or a day are you going to post to each channel? What are you going to post?

Many successful channels, such as QPS Media use a blend of serious and hilarious posts, keeping it lighthearted much of the time, but communicating serious messages with authority and sincerity when the need arises. This is a very difficult line to walk and nobody does it as successfully as QPS Media. Watch and learn!

When making a decision about how often you should post, start with how much time you’re prepared to commit to this endeavour. An hour a week means you’ll probably only do one post a week. Like prospecting for listings, building a social media audience demands consistency – post regularly, post to the same quality/standard every time, and post relevant content.

To begin with, aim for at least three times a week. Start by posting in the morning, around the time your target audience is commuting to work. This can be a high-traffic time for many social media channels. As you become more experienced you can experiment with afternoons and early evenings. For example, the mummy blogger community tends to be most active online around 8pm – kids are in bed and many have sat down for the first time all day, wine in hand, settling in for an hour or two of surfing social media and engaging with their community.

Your Facebook Insights page will have data on when is the best time of day to post, but you’ll need to post for a few weeks before anything meaningful is returned.

What should I post? 

Social media content doesn’t have to be limited to words. Combine high quality photos and videos with text to help convey emotion in your messages.

The biggest key to social media success is authenticity and relevance. Create posts that show your personality. Give your followers a reason to remember you and a purpose to continue following you.

The biggest trap many businesses fall into is being too bland. They are trying to maintain a conservative tone that won’t offend anyone but in the process they fail to be personable or likeable – or memorable!

It is important to include a call to action, or some kind of promotion of your services.

Additionally, post about what is happening within your community, significant upcoming days. Show that you are a family person and most importantly post about things that are relatable.

Social media followers are after personal experiences and this is true of those who follow real estate agents. They want to know you, they want to be confident that their biggest asset is in good hands, not just in the hands of a faceless salesperson.

Engaging with your followers

Take the time and effort to connect with your fans. Now, it’s great to have a beefy content calendar, with lots of different topics, information and interesting posts. But it is also important to engage with your fans.

Spend a few minutes every day liking and commenting on your target audience’s posts – like their cat videos, congratulate them on their personal achievements, drool over their Saturday night dinner pics!

Engaging with your users will give you credibility and will help your brand to be seen as genuine. Show all of the hard work that you put into your business as this is what your fans will want to see.

First impressions count!

Market yourself like a brand. Allow social media to do the networking for you. Present yourself on social media like you would do when walking into a room full of people getting ready to network. Social media could be the first place that a client will see or hear about you. That first impression is always important, weather it is made face-to-face or virtually.

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