Title search made easy within Realworks!

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Verifying the true owner of the property is just a click and a tap away with the new Realworks Title Search feature, powered by InfoTrack.

There’s no doubt that the archaic processes associated with buying and selling property are ever so slowly being modernised. Incredibly, it’s only recently that technology caught up to the settlement process. In this day and age, having lawyers and bankers sitting in a room to manually push paper cheques and titles across the table to each other is truly amazing. Now, thanks to Pexa, it’s all done at the click of a mouse and is a much smoother (and FASTER!) process as a result.

So, technology is making itself felt in all corners of the real estate transaction – thankfully!

Of course, there are some who fear technology and fantastise that it will replace the human element of the real estate transaction. In my experience, that seems unlikely.

The real estate industry still relies heavily on personal relationships and has nothing to fear from technology.

But we can get better harnessing technology to improve our processes.

Having worked in the property industry for the past 12 years I have seen many changes and I can see that success is being driven by those who have been able to identify those innovations that add value to what they already provide and helps them to deliver better outcomes for their clients.

One such development is a new offering from InfoTrack and REIQ which means agents can order the Title Search within the Realworks platform.  What this means is that when you are ready to finalise your Form 6, you can order the Title on the property with no re-keying required.  Within a second, the Title Search will appear and offer you the ability to download or save it with your Form 6, in a specified location.

No more leaving one software environment to open another to do the title search – now you can do it all in one easy location, in the Realworks platform! This will save time and reduce the risk for human error as you transpose information from one environment back to Realworks.

And while that step is a great time saver, the best news is that there’s more to come.

The next step for our partnership is to take the information from the Title Search and automatically populate the contract of sale in the Realworks environment. All in one, seamless move that will further reduce the opportunity for human error.

The feature was launched at the REIQ Summit in March this year and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Feedback has focused on how easy it is to use and how simple it is.

The new Title search feature is so easy to use and we are so confident that you will love it that we’ve thrown your first search in for free. You’ll be hooked.

*Special Introductory Offer: Order your first FREE title search today. Lock in your title search price of $19.93 inclusive of GST until 30 June 2019.

Contact us today: realworks@infotrack.com.au