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Using social media for listing properties

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This has been a hot topic for some time now. I often get asked “Should we be listing all of our properties on social media?” Yes and no.

Yes, if you have a $1M+ penthouse overlooking the Brisbane River; I’d say – go nuts with social media hype. This is a property that some people can only dream about living in.

Upload it to (of course), set up a blog/WordPress page dedicated to the property, create YouTube videos, and scream about it on Twitter and Facebook – even start an online competition about the property. While this is happening, you’re also increasing your following and creating and building on your online trust.

But maybe not for the standard three-bedroom, two-bathroom suburban home. Why? Because your followers will get sick of seeing the ‘hard sell’ and annoyed with you flooding their walls with properties they aren’t interested in and in some cases UNfollow. As agents, you want to shout to the rooftops about your recent property that went under contract, but your audience simply doesn’t share the same passion.

Think of your Facebook and Twitter pages like an online community, that’s what they are. Give your audience a reason to stay connected with you, give them useful information, tell them the inside news before anyone else and most importantly build trust! A way around the floodgates opening up on your followers’ pages is to set up an app on your Facebook page titled “New listings” or “Open home times”. That way you have an exclusive page with the information there for those who are seeking it, and not annoying those who aren’t.

Remember, social media does not replace traditional methods of marketing a property; it simply enhances the branding and increases buyer interaction.

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By Emily Maher, Digital Marketing Strategist, REIQ.