Why you should nominate to be an REIQ Zone Chair or Chapter Committee member

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The REIQ is calling for nominations for zone chair positions and chapter committee members.

These vacancies afford eligible members the opportunity to get more involved with their profession, and to help shape the goals and agenda of the REIQ.

Why should I nominate to be on a chapter committee?

The six individual chapter committees work closely with the REIQ’s management team to ensure their sector’s issues are heard and pursued.

These are important positions within the REIQ, and committee members are rightly recognised as leaders in their area of expertise.

Clint Dowdell-Smith, Chair of the Property Management Chapter says it’s important for new candidates to nominate for these positions, to ensure the chapters are diversified.

“As with anything, a fresh set of eyes or hearing the stories of other people’s experiences is a great thing,” says Dowdell-Smith.

“It opens up much more discussion on what is actually happening on the ground in our profession.”

Rebecca Fogarty of Blackbird and Finch, who also sits on the property management chapter, says she will be nominating to be part of the chapter for another two years, after enjoying her first term ‘immensely’.

Fogarty says while the chapter has enacted several positive changes for property managers in Queensland – including the implementation of digital signatures – there is still further advocacy work to be done.

“I feel that the chapter gives us a voice so we can push the things that matter to us as a group,” says Fogarty.

“Meeting with the other peers has been quite rewarding in itself.

“We can discuss what problems we are each having and see if there is a shift in the market, share experiences and give each other advice.”

As well as giving him the opportunity to be directly involved with the REIQ’s advocacy movements, Dowdell-Smith says being part of the chapter has boosted his and his agency’s profiles.

“It certainly helps to qualify the service that you as an agent – and in turn your agency – provides,” he says.

“It demonstrates that you are working for better outcomes for your clients and best practice for the industry by advocating for relevant change.”

As far as the chapter’s future is concerned, Fogarty says she and the rest of the new team will have to keep working hard to exact positive changes.

“My personal vote will be for changes to the required training for property management,” she says.

“And to continue to support new members and young property managers with more training and advice.

“Depending on the government’s proposed changes, we may need to lobby them, also.”

Why should I nominate to be a zone chair?

The REIQ relies on its zone chairs to be the face of the organisation around Queensland’s more regional areas.

Zone chairs are the first port of call for real estate professionals in greater Queensland for issues regarding either the local area or Queensland’s real estate industry at large.

David Snow, former Toowoomba Zone Chair for over five years, says he thoroughly enjoyed his time in the position.

“It was the happy responsibility of being the conduit between the REIQ board, the management, and the individual members within our zone,” says Snow.

“It gave me a greater understanding of everything that the REIQ does for and on behalf of the [real estate] profession.”

Snow also found it rewarding to be able to represent the REIQ and the real estate profession within Toowoomba.

“Occasionally you receive a call from the general public or an REIQ member, and I found it incredibly important to keep waving the flag in a positive way,” he says.

“I always had tremendous support – and friendship – from Antonia Mercorella and all of the top echelon [of the REIQ].”

Snow didn’t take on the role of zone chair for the purpose of propelling his career, and says the necessary attitude focuses on working to serve the best interests of the real estate profession in Queensland.

“It’s a mindset of helping to conduct the REIQ sessions and meetings in a professional manner, as well as being available to both REIQ members and members of the public,” he says.

Snow stepped down from his position as Toowoomba Zone Chair early this year due to work commitments, but recommends dedicated professionals nominate for their respective zone chair.

“I encourage anybody who’s had some years of experience, who has a genuine desire to promote the benefits of what is effectively Queensland’s only organisation providing an interface between council, government, and public, who is strongly committed towards ethics in real estate, and wants to be at the leading edge of changes to every facet of real estate to consider offering themselves up for a zone chair position,” he says.

“There are far more benefits in the rewards that come from it than the little bit of extra time and energy that it might take from time to time.”

To be eligible as a candidate for a zone chair or chapter committee position, an individual must be a member of one of the following classes:

  1. Life
  2. Fellow
  3. Practising
  4. Associate

The roles and responsibilities of both positions, as well as the nomination forms can be found on the Governance section of the REIQ’s website – REIQ.com/governance. Nominations close 5pm on Monday, 18 November. No late entries will be accepted.