Your chance to shape the future of Queensland real estate

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The REIQ Board of Directors is calling for nominations to fill two upcoming vacancies.

These vacancies afford two REIQ members the opportunity to share in the organisation’s rich history and take part in deciding its future.

This year’s Board Director elections will call for candidates to fill one female member director position and one general member director position.

REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella said she looked forward to welcoming two new members to help steer the institute forward.

“As the peak real estate body in Queensland, the REIQ is proud of the work it does in driving change within the real estate sector,” Ms Mercorella said.

“We are seeking individuals who are passionate about our industry and dedicated to making a real contribution to shaping the REIQ as an organisation, and the Queensland real estate profession as a whole.

“Being part of a Board of Directors requires dedication and commitment – both of time and passion.

“I encourage all eligible and motivated members to nominate for this important role, which enables you to give back to the real estate community, is a career pinnacle and is extremely rewarding.”

Over the past year, the organisation has implemented myriad positive changes and policies.

As a Board Member, you will oversee the advocacy work the REIQ undertakes, decide what issues need lobbying and make decisions in the interest of both the membership and real estate industry.

Earlier this year, the REIQ tirelessly lobbied against Labor’s negative gearing reforms, which would have brought uncertainty and destabilisation on the Queensland property market and broader economy.

The organisation has also campaigned heavily for the Queensland First Home Owners Grant to include existing properties, particularly for first home buyers in regional areas.

The REIQ is currently working closely with the State Government to ensure impending rental reforms, expected to be announced later this year, will be fair for renters, landlords and property managers alike.

The Board also proudly drove Constitutional changes in 2018, which ensure two Board Director roles are reserved for females and one for an under-35-year-old.

Linda Bland, who is currently the REIQ’s Regional Female Director said the real estate industry encompassed a diverse range of people, and it was important that all members felt a sense of representation by the state’s peak professional body.

“The real estate profession includes a diverse range of people including a large number of women, and therefore it is important to ensure we have a Board that represents its members and has a broad representation of people, including women,” she said.

Ms Bland, who has been an REIQ Board Member since 2014, said she took great pride in making key decisions that impacted the organisation and industry for generations to come.

“I was very proud to be part of the Board that made the decision to invest in new premises for the REIQ as it was important to help drive the organisation forward and provide a modern work environment for our valued staff of the REIQ,” she said.

“I am also very excited about the strategic initiatives that we are currently implementing.”

As the Principal and owner of Century 21 Commercial in Hervey Bay, Ms Bland said her time on the Board had helped her propel forward, both personally and professionally.

“I have really enjoyed my time on the board since 2014 and feel it is has helped me to grow both personally and professionally,” she said.

“I have found it very rewarding to support and promote the real estate profession and help ensure the REIQ remains relevant in the future.”

The opportunity to sit on the Board will allow two REIQ members the chance to influence important decisions and assist in achieving a number of strategic objectives.

The call for nominations opened on August 30, and all REIQ members have been notified via email. A link to the nomination form is provided in this email, and the nomination process can be completed online here. Alternatively, potential candidates can post, fax or hand deliver their nomination.

Nominations close September 26, with voting taking place from October 2 to 23. Keep up-to-date with more election news and coverage here on the REIQ Insider over the coming months.

To be eligible as a candidate for election as a Female Director, or general Member Director, to the Institute’s Board of Directors for a period of 3 years (subject to the rotation requirements set out in the Constitution) commencing at the conclusion of the 2019 Annual General Meeting, an individual must be a member of one of the following classes:

  1. Life
  2. Fellow
  3. Practising
  4. Associate

In accordance with the Constitution, a Female Director is an individual who not only satisfies the the requirements to be eligible to act as a Member Director as set out in Clauses 5.2(a) and (c) but additionally, at the time for nomination and election, not be male or identify as male.